Yogesh Gowda

Other names of Yogesh Gowda: Yogesh Gawda, Yogesh Gouda
Yogesh Gowda Kannada Actor
Other Skills
    - Director of Photography

Yogesh Gowda is a talented Kannada cinematographer. He is highly professional at his craft and is a visual storyteller. Camera lenses are his magic toys that he uses to spread his magic everywhere. He was born with a passion for the cinema. Yogesh loved cameras even as a kid. Yogesh knew from the beginning that his life was going to revolve around the camera lenses. In the world of Kannada cinema, Yogesh has made his mark. With his exceptional skills, he is a favorite of every filmmaker. His keen eye captures the essence of every scene. Whether romance, action, or drama strife, Yogesh's cinematography brings them to life. He understands the power of composition. A great cinematographer can make or break a film.

No matter how good of an actor you are, if your emotions are not captured correctly, they will not be translated to the audience in the same way either. That's why the work of a camera guy is much more than just playing around the lenses. With every scene, they need to decide if it will need a close-up or a wide shot. And one mistake can take the whole good script down. In 2020, he was a cinematographer for the television series Kannadathi. Yashwant Pandu directed the show, and Manjunath Bhat, Vikas Negiloni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vikas Negiloni , and Param wrote the storyline. Prakash and Srinivas produced the series, and the film starred Raj Kiran Raj Kiran is one of the well-known director, actor >> Read More... Raj Kiran , Ravi Kumar Ravi Kumar is an Indian Photographer best known fo >> Read More... Ravi Kumar , Chitkala Biradar Chitkala Biradar is a popular and beautiful Kannad >> Read More... Chitkala Biradar , Ranjani Raghavan Ranjani Raghavan is an Indian Writer, Singer, Crea >> Read More... Ranjani Raghavan , etc. Yogesh's work is a testament to his dedication. He is a perfectionist who goes beyond his own to perfect his shots. He delves into the depth of visual aesthetics and tries to make every attempt magical with his exceptional techniques.

He has collaborated with several talented directors. In 2020, he shot the film Ondu Shikariya Kathe. Sachin Shetty directed the movie, and Rajiv Shetty and Sachin Shetty produced the film. The film starred Pramod Shetty, Siri Prahlad, Abhimanyu Prajwal, Prasad Cherkadi, etc. Together, they create unheard, beautiful stories, from capturing the beauty of nature's embrace to showcasing the complexities of the human race. Yogesh Gowda's cinematography is a visual feast. He plays with the colors, shadows, and light in his frame. In the world of Kannada cinema, he's well respected. His talent and vision are widely admired and cheered. He has been nominated for various nominations and won several accolades. With his extraordinary work, Yogesh has inspired a generation. He is taking the art of cinema to new levels. With his every shot, one can quickly see his passion for the job.