Manohar Joshi is a photographer-turned-cinematographer. During his college days, Manohar was a photography enthusiast who used to compete in several photography competitions, often winning a lot of prizes. In 2007, his friend convinced him to do the cinematography of a new documentary. Manohar’s confidence in himself and his work increased, when he realized that the work turned out very well. This was the incident that led him to choose cinematography as a career option after college. His first film was titled ‘Nan Life Alli’.

Eventhough he worked selflessly for this film; it was not released due to issues between the makers of the film. Misfortune followed him as his second venture- ‘Cyber YugadholNavayuvaMadhuraPremakavyam’ did not gain much attention from the audience. However, there was one favorable outcome that came out of his second film. Kannada film director Suni saw that the cinematography in ‘Cyber YugadholNavayuvaMadhuraPremakavyam’ was exceptional and hence decided to call him for an interview.

Manohar had to his credit, a few well-received documentaries, and short films that he had shot during his college life. These films were successful in impressing the director who hired him as the cinematographer for the film- ‘SimplagOndu Love Story’-amiably abbreviated as ‘SOLS’. The film was a huge hit and even to an uninitiated observer, it was clear that the magic of the camera work was the charm of the film. After ‘SOLS’, Manohar started receiving a lot of films, and he was able to sign a lot of contracts including that of films like ‘ The End Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ’Tubelight’ etc. Apart from cinematography, he has even ventured into the field of direction and production but has returned to cinematography since it is his passion and topmost priority.

Being a committed ‘artist with the camera’, Manohar has his opinions about the ways in which the Sandalwood film industry functions. He thinks that for an industry which is rapidly growing, it is stubborn about its decision not to experiment with new technology. He comments that the current technology used in the industry lags behind from the film industries of other countries by almost ten years and that the unwillingness to multi-task and the comforts of cliché are the factors which mold this general ignorance of new technology.

V. K. Murthy Kannada Actor

V. K. Murthy

Venkatarama Pandit Krishnamurthy (V. K. Murthy) was a seasoned cinematographer who was associated with legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt. It is Murthy’s black and white photography remains iconic photographs in Guru Dutt’s all films. The magic of light and shadow in these black and white photography for songs like ‘Waqt Ne Kiya Keya’, ’Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye’, or ‘Sathiya Need Nahin Ayeegi’, etc. This creative photographer through camera lens did create an impact even in many international film festivals. Even today Guru Dutt’s ‘Pyasa’ and Kagaz Ke Phool’ remains world’s best films. Without proper equipment, Murthy created visual magic on screen, and some of his shots of the black and white era can still match any Hollywood creativity. For instance, when Guru Dutt was making ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’, Guru Dutt wanted him to capture the ray of light falling in a shed. To bring such creativity, he removed tiles of a house and allowed the sunbeams falling on a two large mirror to create the dazzling effect. He met Guru Dutt while shooting for Dev Anand’s ‘Baazi’. In this film, he shot the most difficult shot in a single take and Guru Dutt appreciated and asked him to work with him. The story repeated in several Guru Dutt’s production films till Guru Dutt passed away. He shot for India’s first cinemascope film Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959). Later their association continued with films like Aar Paar (1954), Pyaasa (1957), Baazi (1951), CID (1956), Chaudhvin Ka Chand in the year 1960 and Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam which released in 1962. He also had done cinematography for Kamal Amrohi’s Pakeezah and Razia Sultan. Murthy also did cinematographic work for Pramod Chakraborty’s films such as Jugnu and Naya Zamana. He even assisted Shyam Benegal (Bharat Ek Khoj) and Govind Nihalani (Tamas) for telefilms. The veteran cinematographer also handled photography for a Kannada film. Murthy lost his mother at an early age. Later he did schooling and even completed a diploma in cinematography at the SJ Polytechnic in Bangalore. Before making his association in Guru Dutt’s films, he worked as an assistant cinematographer for Dronacharya and Fali Mistry. He was born in Mysore on 26 November 1923. He received the Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2008 for his cinematographic contribution to Indian cinema. He passed away in Mysore on 7 April 2014.


P K H Das

P K H Das is a notable cinematographer in the South Indian film industry. Das is not only a Director of Photography but also a Director in the industry. Das has worked in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada language cinemas. But his works are more in number in Kannada movies. Working since the 90s, Das has come a long way. Das is believed to have come to the film industry with almost no knowledge of the technicality of cinematography in movies. It was the ace director Dinesh Babu in Kannada industry aka Sandlewood who first gave him a job behind the lens. Babu, who recruited Das, has trained him well, and as a result, Das has delivered some well-written movies. It was because of Das’s experience working under a legend like Dinesh Babu that Das has been able to gain recognition and respect in the industry. Das started working with movies like ‘Nanjunda’ in Kannada language, and he went on to work with some well-known directors and producers in the industry. It was in 1992 that S. Narayan gave Das his first break. Das worked with S Narayan in more than half a dozen movies at a stretch, like ‘Chaitrada Premanjali’, ‘Captain’, Bevu Bella and Anuragada Alegalu with actors like ‘Leelvathi’ and Raghavendra Rajkumar. These movies focused mainly on family drama, and melodrama. His work was appreciated, and he continued to work with different directors. Das also worked with directors P H Vishwanath, ‘Shivamani’ and actors like Shashi Kumar and Sudha Rani in the following years. With the movie Naanenu Maadilla starring Anant Nag, Das started working with Dinesh Babu. This film was a huge commercial success and earned a lot of positive criticism for the crew. Then with ‘Habba’ movie in 1999, Das worked with ‘Vishnuvardhan’ and ‘Ambarish’. In 2000, Das delivered yet another hit with the Shiva Rajkumar movie Yaare Ni Abhimaani. The same year he worked with D Rajendra Babu in the hit movie ‘Preethse’, which is a remake of the Hindi movie. Das’s work progressed, and he was slowly becoming one of the best Directors of Photography in the industry. He associated himself with all kinds of movies like romance, family drama, thriller and so on. In the later 2000s, he was working with directors like Ramesh Aravind in his infamous cinema called Rama Shama Bhaama. This movie which also has Kamal Haasan in the movie was received well at the box office. Das worked in mass movies with upcoming stars like Puneet Rajkumar and ‘Sudeep’. ‘Nagarjuna’ and ‘Chiranjeevi’ starrer movie (Telugu) Shri Jagadguru Aadishankara was Das’s work in Telugu industry. The movie was released in 2013 and was directed by J K Bharavi. In 2015, Das worked with Vijaya Raghavendra in ‘Vamshoddharaka’ movie for which he was highly appreciated and applauded. Das is one of the most hardworking people in the industry and is highly respected as well. He has also turned to direction in Kannada industry. All the hard work and dedication Das has put into the film industry is always recognized. He was awarded by the Karnataka State Film for Roopa Iyer’s movie ‘Chandra’. He was bestowed with Best Cinematographer award in 2013.

P K H Das Kannada Actor