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Shekar S is a renowned Indian cinematographer. He has primarily worked in the Kannada Cinema Industry. He has appeared in films such as “ Bad Manners Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and “Popcorn Monkey Tiger.” His previous film, “Bad Manners,” was released in theaters in 2021. Shekar works in Kannada cinema as a cinematographer. He hails from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He predominantly worked in the Sandalwood Industry. The Kannada movie “Bad Manners” was directed by Duniya Suri. Sudhir K M produced the action thriller. Abhishek Ambareesh played the lead. Shekar S. worked on the film’s cinematography. While Charan Raj composed the music for the movie. Suri's “Popcorn Monkey Tiger,” a mafia thriller, includes characters like Monkey Seena, Tiger Seena, Popcorn Devika, Mooga, Galeej, Kothambari, Haav Raani, Jamun Ravi, Sugar, and Kushka.

The director transports us to a strange world of tremendous love, desire, blood, and gore. The film covers an ordinary man's day in his life. Eventually, he gets engaged with the mafia. Throughout the film, the story is split into two parts. Monkey Seena (Dhananjay) transforms into Tiger Seena in the first story. Popcorn Devika (Niveditha) is a small-time popcorn vendor in the other tale. The two enter the world of crime. Later, in the film, they realize the value of human life. Suri's story includes philosophical elements. The tale teases a sequel’s possibility. Tiger Seena works as a mechanic.

His world revolves around his girlfriend, Sumithra (Amrutha Iyengar). Tiger is saddened when his world abandons him for a better life. He turns to Sujata (Monisha Nadigar), a famous model. Later, Seena marries Girija (Sapthami Gowda). She rides his life into a living hell. Eventually, Tiger attempts to find solace in Devika (Niveditha). The storey revolved around Seena's relationships with the women in his life. Seena's life is proof that blood is thicker than water. His sister (Sparsha Rekha) and her politician husband try to relocate him. In contrast, Seena's family has poisoned his life. Later, he meets an unfortunate end. Shekar is the cinematographer of the film. He has captured minute details to enhance the movie-going experience. Charan Raj's background score works beautifully with the excellent cinematography. The famous song Mahadeva appeared in a few psychedelic episodes throughout the movie. Suri's signature appeared on “Popcorn Monkey Tiger,” a one-of-a-kind movie. The film appealed to the fans of the director's work, Dhananjay fans, and mafia-themed films.


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