KS Chandrasekhar, a notable Kannada cinematographer, pursued his cinematography course before taking up film cinematography. Later, he was associated with an advertisement agency. 7 0 clock was his debut movie. He was a successful cinematographer of his time. Gunavantha, Mylari, and Taj Mahal are some of his notable works. KS Chandrasekhar worked as a cameraman for every movie directed by R Chandru. 

H C Venu

A director is said to be a person who visualizes the written script and thinks of the many ways possible to put it on a screen. Obviously, one of the most important ones in the making of a film is the director, yet there’s a fact that stays unhidden, which says that a director cannot portray his thoughts on a screen until a cinematographer accompanies him, who understands his needs. A cinematographer is a person who is responsible for the graphics, and the artistic effects of an image and a well-known personality in this field is H C Venu, also known as H C Venugopal. Born in Doddaballapur (Bangalore), Karnataka, he has also been a journalist in our Indian Film Industry. Being a cinematographer, he doesn’t come too often in front of the lens but has given the South Indian fans, a treat through his works in Ganga Kaveri, Antu Intu Preeti Bantu, ‘Sparsha’ and much more. Describing cinematography in his words, he once said ‘The Art Of Cinematography is Nothing but the Art Of Painting with Light.’ Now, very few people are aware of the fact that Venu used to be an artist in his early days, a painter. Before putting the visuals on the screen in the film industry, he had mastered the art of drawing. Till date, he has rendered his service chiefly in Kannada and also in a few Tamil movies. The cinematographer married Anuradha, popularly also known as ‘Tara’ which is her stage name, in 2005. Tara is a South Indian film actress, who majorly shows up in Kannada films. She is also known to be a politician with the Bhartiya Janata Party and holds an upper hand there. Even after being a National Award winning actress, a Chairperson of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy, and an MLC, Tara has acted in over 50 films. The couple welcomed a baby boy in their family, back in 2013, and named him Shreekrishna Venugopal. A less known fact about the couple is that Venugopal and Tara were in love for 15 years before they eventually tied the knot of eternity. Interestingly, this man marked the beginning of something, a new era, a modern one. ‘Katari Veera Sura Sundaraangi’ was the first 3-D film in Kannada, back in the year 2012. The title signifies a Warrior who was with a Sword and a Queen. At a time when the concept of 3D movies was evolving, the lens-man, HC Venu, the director of photography of this film, made it possible to happen. Back in 2000, his photography had started winning laurels for him. It was just his 6th movie, Sparsha, which got him The Asianet Kaveri Film Award and The Videocon Suprabhata Award, both for The Best Cinematographer. He didn’t stop winning such accolades there. In 2005, he again received an award and a much grander one this time; it was the State Award for being The Best Cinematographer for his movie back in 2005, ‘Encounter Daya’. They say hardwork earns you luck, but consistent hardwork is what takes you to new heights of success. So is the case with this talented artist-turned-cinematographer. Recent talks suggest that Venugopal is set to work with Prabhu Deva in a movie which casts Abhishek Bachchan in the lead. Buzzes are around that the film would be named ‘Lefty’ (left-handed), and could go up on the screens, anytime in March this year. This breakthrough might be the biggest one in Venu’s career, and he is also very excited about it. Obviously, won’t he be?! Usually, when we search for the cast and crew of a movie, we get the complete data of the actors, producers, directors and also the script writers behind it. All of such people do play a huge role in the making of a film but what we overlook is the work of background players, such as a cinematographer. A cinematographer is a person said to be the ‘eye’ of a director who transposes his/her visuals vividly on a screen so that it could make an unforgettable mark in a viewer’s mind. Such is the work of H C Venugopal - eminent, efficient and everlasting.

H C Venu Kannada Actor