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Pyaar Mein Twist Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Pyaar Mein Twist went on air on 29 January 2011 and showed its last episode on June 5, 2011. The serial was shown on every Saturday and Sunday on Star Plus. The serial was full of comedy and drama. The main story plot revolved around two main characters of the serial, Amol and Rekha. The two are totally opposite characters, wherein Amol is a geek and Rekha is a fun loving and bubbly girl. The story is all about the intense love story of Amol and Rekha and how two so different people can be made for each other, for an eternity.

The two keep fighting over small issues because they have a very different way of seeing the life, but then the small fights become irrelevant when two people are madly in love with each other. The story shows that in love it is all about the chemistry and compatibility between two people.

The story starts when Rekha goes on a summer camp and is being ill-treated by goons. Rekha’s friend leaves her at this time when she was in danger. At this time, she is saved by or geek Amol and she is really thankful to Amol. Once they return back, Rekha is pressurised to get married to the boy who left her alone in danger. She refuses, but then she is forced to get married to someone. She has fallen in love with Amol and thus she decides that she will confess her love to Amol. She proposes Amol and to Rekha’s surprise, even Amol says he loves her. They get married to each other, without anybody else knowledge.

The family then starts playing their part, and they try to bring apart Amol and Rekha by any means. However, they both stand for each other and do not let anyone one break their love. The story is all about all the kind of twists and turns in any love story.

' Manish Paul Manish Paul is an Indian television actor, host an >> Read More... ' As Amol: Manish is in show biz since 2007 and debut with a serial named Chhoona Hai Aasman. Manish is a versatile person who acts, acts funny, works as anchors, dances and this versatility has helped him in shaping a very good career for himself. Till date, he has done over 50 serials including reality shows and 5 movies.

' Roshni Chopra Roshni Chopra, an actress, TV presenter and a mode >> Read More... ' As Rekha: Roshni is an Indian actress, who started her career with one of Ekta Kapoor’s serials, kasam se. She did not confine herself to typical soap operas rather she went on to hosting cricket shows and comedy serials. She has even acted in three movies and is going good with her career plans.


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