Hindi Stunt Director ( 0 - 12 )

Ravi Verma


Stunt Director Is The Person Who Directs The Whole Scene

The Stunt Director Is The Person Who Directs The Whole Scene, Which Is Shot And Includes A Stunt Performance. They Play A Vital Role In Performing A Stunt As They Describe How, Why, And What Action Sequence Needs To Be Carried Out.

They Need To Be Present At The Set Every Time A Scene Is Being Executed, And Communicate And Coordinate With The Stunt Coordinator About The Scene. They Need To Evaluate And Eliminate All The Risks And Dangers Involving The Stunt Performers And Ensure Their Safety.

A Stunt Director Gives Instructions About The Performed Stunts And Fulfills The Demands Of Producers And The Script. An Out Of The Box Thinking Strategy And Innovative Ideas Could Decrease The Amount Of Input In A Stunt And Increase Its Efficiency As Well As Make It Look Spectacular To The Audience. The Stunt Director’s Job Is To Make All The Preparations And Necessary Arrangements For The Successful Commencement Of A Stunt.