Hindi Rj ( 0 - 12 )

Krishna Chandra Sharma


RJ is a Fun And Rewarding Career

An RJ is an abbreviation for radio jockey. They hold the on air position for the radio broadcasting. They are also known as radio personalities are even called as radio jockey. They talk about different genres of music or its talk shows. Rjs also conduct different contests and talk shows about topics on radio. They also hold conversations with famous personalities, celebrities and normal public.

RJs main job is to talk about different topics and keep the public and listeners aware about different happenings around the world. They are supposed to be very witty and make their own scripts for the talk show. They play songs and joke on air while talking to the listeners. They are required to be fluent with music and songs and are updated on all kinds of news.

Some RJs talk only on specific topics such as news or music or sports. They are knowledgeable about the topics and help to pass information and current news on the radio.