Himalaya Dasani

Other names of Himalaya Dasani: Himalay Dassani

Himalaya Dasani is a Sindhi-speaking Indian businessman and actor turned producer. He became popular after he got married to Bollywood film and television actress, Bhagyashree Patwardhan Born and brought up in Mumbai, this film and TV ac >> Read More... Bhagyashree Patwardhan in 1990. They have two children namely, Avantika Dasani and Abhimanyu Dasani Abhimanyu Dasani was born in 1990 in the state of >> Read More... Abhimanyu Dasani who is also planning to enter the showbiz industry. Shortly after their marriage, the actress stops on working with other male actors as she insisted to work only with Himalaya. The two acted on three films in year 1992 including the Qaid Main Hai Bulbul by Ravindra Peepat, Hindi film Tyagi by K.C. Bokadia and Payal by Mahendra Shah. However, the films failed to make it to the box-office. Since then, her wife took a long hiatus in the film industry and Himalaya started the media company, Shrishti Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai.

Later, Himalayi started producing teleserial including the Kagaz Ki Kashti which was aired on Sahara One in November 2002. This serial has a budget of a enormous Rs 50-Million plus and this also stars her wife who played the role of Arti. The couple also produced the soap, Tanha Dil Tanha Safar, a business venture with UTV. Later, they also entered film producing as they are set to work with a musical love story film, that will star Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor is an actor born in the prominent Kap >> Read More... Rishi Kapoor under the direction of Raj Sippy.