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Barkha Roy Hindi Actress

Being the producer or maybe another creator of a movie, Barkha Roy always envisioned bringing a change to the cinema. Her sister, Reena Roy The 80s was a landmark in the film career of Reena >> Read More... Reena Roy , is very talented in her acting career. She has the material for cinema as her family was born for the cine industry. She was a talented and achieving producer who involved herself in selective films but was indeed worthy and rare. Her strategies and plans were always directed towards success. Hence, she dedicated herself completely to work as a producer and produce various kinds of movies which kept the audience guessing. She has three siblings who are Reena Roy, Anju Roy, and Raja Roy. Unfortunately, her marriage life seemed to be unsuccessful with her ex-spouse Mahesh Anand Mahesh Anand is also called as Mahesh, was born on >> Read More... Mahesh Anand .

Barkha Roy has defined her way and style in Bollywood by producing an inspiring film on MF Husain, which had a huge success rate. She is credited to three more movies called ‘ Eena Meena Deeka Eana Meena Deeka is an Indian comedy TV serial, br >> Read More... Eena Meena Deeka ,’ a Hindi series aired on the television screen in 2000, ‘ Karishma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Karishma a’ in 1984, and ‘ Sanam Teri Kasam Click to look into! >> Read More... Sanam Teri Kasam ’ in 1982. The movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ was a romantic film that stayed in the hearts of many people who have watched it. "Karishma" had a different story of the problems that a photographer and its consequences could face. This movie has also had its fans and reviews. She found herself interested in working for different storylines and has contributed to stories of various streams.

She then started working for the film "My Friend Hussain," which is about a late painter’s personal life. She reveals that meeting an artist ten years ago in Bandra had instigated her to produce a film on Maqbool Fida Husain. The film was mainly based on his journey with his artist friends and how he had to survive his life as an artist. She hoped that this would inspire young artists. She is worthy of being a producer and proves that men and women can be on the same level.

The biographical documentary film on MF Husain impressed the audience and critics. Earlier, when Barkha met Husain in a bank in Bandra, she expressed to him that she wanted to do a film on him. She had also planned to do it with him. But it didn’t happen. To play in the 1hour 10 minute film, Barkha had auditioned more than 100 people. Besides producing the film, she directed it too. Barkha had interviewed SH Raza, Krishen Khanna, Ramkumar, Jatin Das, and Shahnaz Husain to make the documentary on Husain. Barkha stated that only the people close to him could provide the right details, which are not available on Google. She received appreciation for making this film on MF Husain. After the film, she didn’t do any films. She was again in the talks after the death news of her ex-husband, Mahesh Anand, hit social media in February 2019.