From producing high-profile blockbusters like the 2000s smash-hit ‘Lagaan’, to acting in films that proved to be the toast of their time such as the all-time blockbuster ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’, Reena Dutta has played a pivotal role in shaping lives of many of Bollywood’s superstars, such as her ex-husband Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan . Born in 1967 to Hindu parents, & standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall, Reena Dutta began working at a young age of 20. While one of India’s only Oscar-nominated movies ran on a late schedule, director Ashutosh Gowariker Ashutosh Gowariker was born 15 February 1964 in Ko >> Read More... Ashutosh Gowariker faced a huge hurdle in the form of a high production budget.

Since many did not share the then novice director’s dream, it was Dutta who agreed to produce the film, making his wish come true. It is from the success of this film that ‘Aamir Khan Production House’ was born, and the rest is history. In other words, it was in a way Dutta’s move that gave Bollywood a piece of cinematic essence that is ‘Lagaan.’ Apart from being an actor & a producer, she has worked in a travel agency with immense success. Aamir, 21 at the time, proposed to his neighbor Dutta, who accepted this proposal, going on to star with him in his debut movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’, acting in the song sequence of the much loved ‘Papa Kehte Hain’, which went on to make their love for each other stronger.

With her parents strictly against their marriage, primarily because he was a Muslim, she defied their wishes & tied the knot with the man who is known as the perfectionist of Indian Cinema. Even after their wedding in 1986, she continued to work in a travel agency, while Aamir began to witness the peak of his career, with several offers lined up his way after the success of his debut movie. The rifts & cracks in their marriage became more than apparent, with her choosing to detach herself from the Bollywood scenario. Living a life far away from the world of fame & luxury, the divorce did not hamper the friendly relations between the two, which they continue to uphold till date.

Since then, she has attended all his movie premieres, being a big support other than playing a huge hand in shaping the perfectionist’s career. With tensions lined their way, they had two children. Their names are Junaid and Ira. They felt their new-born children would save the failing marriage. Unfortunately, this didn’t prove to be the case since the couple parted ways on amicable terms in 2002. All this happened after they had ensured that there would be no repercussions on the lives of their two children. Even after their break-up, Dutta continues to be seen at family gatherings & continues to remain close to her family. She is the perfect example of docility & maturity, showing hundreds of women all over the country how to be grounded despite all her achievements.