Sonam Rai

Other names of Sonam Rai: Sonam
Birthday: 02-09-1972
Age: 46
Star sign: Libra

Sonam Rai is a former actress in Bollywood. She has acted in some Telugu films as well. She was the sex symbol in the earlier days. Sonam’s birth name was Bakhtawar Murad Khan (her name conveys the meaning: “the fortunate one”). Her father’s name was Mushir Khan. Sanober Kabir is Sonam’s cousin. Veteran actor Raza Murad is her uncle. She was married to Rajiv Rai in 1992, after which she left the film industry. Renowned film producer Gulshan Rai is her father-in-law. Sonam has a son named is Gaurav Rai. Sonam left India with her husband in 1997, when Abu Salem (an underworld crime leader) attempted to murder Rajiv. The couple along with their son is happily settled in Switzerland now.

Sonam appeared in more than 30 movies throughout her career which spanned from 1988 to 1994. Sonam entered Bollywood through her 1988 film “ Vijay” ( Yash Chopra’s production). Rishi Kapoor was her co-star in this movie. She featured in “Aakhri Adaalat” in 1988 alongside Jackie Shroff. Some of her other films include “Aakhri Ghulam” (1989), “Aakhri Baazi” (1989), etc. She did a phenomenal performance in the film “Tridev” which was released in 1989. The same year she did some other flicks such as “Miti Aur Sona”, “Sachai Ki Taqat” (featuring Govinda), “Hum Bhi Insaan Hain” ( Raj Babbar) to name some. The year 1990 and 1991 marked the release of many of her movies.

Films like “Apmaan Ki Aag” (Govinda), “Chor Pe Mor”, Kroadh” (with Sanjay Dutt), “Raiszaada” (a 1991 movie featuring Govinda), “Swarg Jaisaa Ghar” (with Aashif Sheikh), “Dushman Devta” (Dharmendra), “Fateh” (featuring Sanjay Dutt) earned her positive responses. Sonam also appeared in “Vishwatma” and “Baaz”. Govinda was the lead in the film “Baaz”. In 1994, she did a film titled “ Insaniyat” which starred Chunky Pandey. Sonam had also done two Telugu movies titled “Samrat” (1987) and “Kodama Simham” (1990) featuring Ramesh Babu and Chiranjeevi respectively.