Sanober Kabir Hindi Actress

A former Bollywood actress, Sanober Kabir is the great niece of actor Murad. She is also the niece of ZeenatAman. ‘Mother 98’, a movie by Sawan Kumar was her debut movie. Spending a specific time frame in Bollywood, she decided to quit that move her focus towards television. Post that she switched over to singing and launched her Remix Album ‘Bombshell Babe’. The much hit song “Meriberikibaer mat todo” was a super duper blockbuster song from the album which took Sanober’s career upwards.

Her accomplishments on television are worth mentioning. Tum bin jaukaha reminded us of a beautiful role portrayed by her. Her role inArzoohaitu was simply amazing and Karishma had another decent performance delivered by her. In 2010, she married Rajeev Singh.

In the year 2014, she gave birth to a boy and named him Fateh Singh. She still desires to make a grand comeback on the small screen. In an interview, she mentioned that remembering her lines and working with different people was a pleasure for her. It was magical. She also does not mind playing a matured looking role. In fact, she looks forward to it. She has a strong wish to work alongside her husband that she says would be ‘sone pe suhaaga’ for her.

Her album she believed had an element of a sensuous layer and an appealing want. But dance was the priority. A talented actress whose talent couldn’t be displayed much; SanoberKabir is indeed a gem of a person.