Began his career with the Hindi flick industry as a Distributor in 1951, and later went on to become a Movie Creator from 1969. He has one lad, Rajiv Rai, and one daughter. He is the dad of U.K. grounded Bollywood Film Manager, Rajiv Rai and father-in-law of well-known Bollywood artist, Sonam. He would’ve been Raja even today had a paralytic stroke not floored him and triggered a grave deterioration in his objectives.

But all over the 1970s and 80s, Gulshan Rai continued one of the most perceptive prosperous and influential film creators in Bollywood. His box-office forecasts not just about his makings but also about movies by other flick makers were so precise that nervous filmmakers would request Rai’s opinion before publicizing their films. The Nostradamus of Bollywood had a spot-on sense of box-office precision.

Seldom did Gulshan Rai go mistaken with his pictures? When in 1971 he created Johnny Mera Naam everybody warned him versus a title that upraised painful memories of Raj Kapoor’s freshly defeated Mera Naam Joker. But Gulshan Rai was obstinate. Though his next making with the Johnny Mera Naam team named Joshila was a box-office failure, it started off a long friendship between the creator and manager Yash Chopra. Chopra and Rai cooperated one some mega-movies in the 70s introducing Amitabh Bachchan counting Deewaar, Trishul, and Kala Patthar.

Amitabh Bachchan says, for some reason they had some of their largest achievements together. He was an exceptionally humble man. In fact, Gulshanji took up his first movie Saat Hindustani for circulation, not for any other cause except that Gulshan appreciated the manager Khwaja Ahmed Abbas. Later he created some of his successes comprising Deewaar. Gulshanji was always a very just, open-minded but modest person. He had an eerie business intellect. Like Yash Johar, Gulshan Rai had no adversaries in the film business.

He was always ready to offer a helping hand to those who required it. It’s a tragic debit to the picture trade. His only child filmmaker Rajiv Rai who will now manage the family sign Trimurti Flick son his own was compelled to leave India after blackmail and death warnings from the gangland. Gulshan Rai died alone, with none of his acquaintances by his side. At one time his household was anchorage for the leading stars and managers of Bollywood. Kaifi Azmi’s melody Dekhizamanekiyaaribichdesabhibaari-bari unfolding the indecisiveness of filmdom applies to the forecaster of incomes Gulshan Rai.

R D Bansal

R D Bansal is an Indian film producer, and his involvement in the industry is highly commendable. He worked with many notable actors and actresses and also showed his efforts and dedication to its best when it comes to producing a film. Mr. R D Bansal got a lot of recognition from the Indian audience and critics. Moreover, he is a renowned producer in the industry and produced some great films. Mr. R D Bansal assisted some incredibly talented people to gain and enhance his experience in producing movies. Mr. R D Bansal born in the year in 1923 in Agra, United Provinces situated in British India (now India). He died on 11th December 2010 at the age of 88 in Kolkata, Wet Bengal in India. He had a son, daughter, and granddaughter in his family. Mr. R D Bansal had produced over 25 movies, and for his incredible work, he received two president's gold medal and other awards, national as well as international, such as The Golden Hugo, The Golden Head of Palaque and the Silver Bear. Most of the motion pictures he produced were directed by Satyajit Ray, Tapan Sinha and Mrinal Sen. Also, some of his astounding works are Charulata, Saat Paanke Bandha, Shesh Parjanta, Nayak, Mahanagar, and Shashi Babur Sansar. He has a production company in his name called RDB Organization. In the year 1963, his motion picture called Mahanagar was released, and the director of the film was Satyajit Ray. The movie received a very excellent rating at the box office of India, and it starred actors like Madhabi Mukherjee, Haren Chatterjee, Prasenjit Sarkar, Anil Chatterjee, Jaya Bhaduri, Sefalika Devi, and much more. It also received an award for Best Director. In the year 1964, he produced a movie called The Lonely Wife directed by Satyajit Ray, and it also received a positive response from the Indian audience and critics. It got nominated for three awards and he won two of them, and they were OCIC Award and Silver Berlin Award. Then in 1966, he did a motion picture called Nayak directed by Satyajit Ray. The film was nominated for four awards and out of them it got three, and these were UNICRIT, Special Mention, and Silver Berlin Award. Mr. R D Bansal has produced many more movies during his time and received appreciations as well as International and National awards for them. He is one of the renowned producers that the industry has.  

R D Bansal Hindi Actor