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Sandeep Nath Hindi Actor
Other Skills
        ‘Sandeep Nath’, is a very famous character in Bollywood since he does many different things in the industry. He is a Director, Producer, Screenwriter as well as a Lyricist in the Bollywood film industry of India. He was born in ‘Uttar Pradesh’ of India into a Bengali family and he is said to have been very fond of writing poems since he was twelve years old. He has studied in different cities, and is currently a graduate of Law and is now living in Mumbai.

He started his career in journalism during the time when he was a student and a record shows that Sandeep has written over 3000 newspaper articles and magazines to date. He has even worked with many famous Bollywood personalities as well and has written many lyrics for different Bollywood films such as Saawariya in the year 2007, then in Singham Returns Click to look into! >> Read More... Singham Returns within the year 2014, then Paan Singh Tomar within 2012, and also Page 3 in the year 2005 and furthermore in Corporate in 2006. He even received a ‘Stardust Award’ for having an outstanding level of performance as a lyricist for the film named Saawariya. He has also moved from writing lyrics into screenwriting in both movies as well as for television.