Hindi Dialogue Writer ( 0 - 12 )

Sanjeev Vedwan

Phanishwar Nath


Dialogue writing exposes the traits of the character

Dialogue writing exposes the traits of the character, emotions, internal motives at a similar time it establishes the link between the folks. Dialogue-writing conjointly shows the actions going down while not boring the reader with plenty of explanations. Writing dialogue isn’t concerning replicating a real-life language. It’s concerning giving an impact of it. And, yes, up thereon.

There are sure rules which require to be followed whereas writing dialogue; ought to be for conflict, for a reason, ought to drive the story forward, offer info.

It’s not that it’s particularly sophisticated, however, there are many alternative forms of dialogue and lots of differing kinds of punctuation (including once to use a comma, quotes, and even em dashes) required so as to properly format it.