Hindi Assistant Director ( 0 - 12 )

Shubham Sinha

Farid Khan


Thank Him If Everything Fell Into Place

Assistant Director is the person who checks all the work that is taking place in the production phase and compares it to the task and schedule that has been made in the earlier stage. They create and maintain the daily call sheets and also prepare the logistics. The cast and crew and the workflow is looked after by the assistant directors. There are assistant directors at two levels- the First AD and the Second AD.

The first assistant director assists the director and supervises the entire crew. They are excellent communicators and organizers. The second assistant directors carry out the orders given by the first assistant directors. Preparing the call sheet, planning the next day’s schedule and getting it approved are the major tasks of the second assistant directors.

They work through unsocial hours and on a freelance basis. They ensure a smooth execution and timely completion of the tasks. They make that there is no time lag and all the preparations are done well in advance.