Kushan Nandy is the son of famous Indian author and media giant Pritish Nandy Pritish Nandy is a prominent Indian poet, journali >> Read More... Pritish Nandy . The son who refused to live in the shadow of his father and wished to create his space in the Bollywood industry. Kushan Nandy comes from a family where there is no shortage of talent. Pritish, Kushan’s father, is a gifted writer and also owns a production house. Kushan is cousins with writer/dramatist Ashish Nandy Kushan’s two sisters who are also working for father Pritish’s home company Pritish Nandy Communications.

But Kushan wanted to stay away from this and wanted to work independently in the industry. He worked under , one of the ace directors in Hindi Cinema. While he was in his early twenties, he is said to have gained experience behind the camera by working for Satish, who happens to be his father’s friend. Kushan is said to be one of the young directors to enter the film industry. He was hardly 22 when he made his debut as a director. His first movie was 88 Antop Hill, which is supposedly a murder mystery. Kushan confesses that he has a soft spot for murder mysteries and thrillers, and he focuses on such genres.

The movie 88 Antop Hill has Rahul Dev Rahul Dev is an Indian model turned film and telev >> Read More... Rahul Dev and Lisa Ray An actress, model, endorser, tv-host, philanthropi >> Read More... Lisa Ray and Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni was born in the year 1965 in Karnata >> Read More... Atul Kulkarni in the lead. Kushan’s aim is to make different films which can also fetch commercial success. He has experience in the television industry, in directing thrillers and mysteries like Saturday Suspense Saturday suspense is an Indian Television Thriller >> Read More... Saturday Suspense and X-Zone. He has worked with Zee Network (Saturday Suspense). His acquaintance with Kiran Shroff while working on television series brought changes in his life.

Kushan founded his own company Sarvodaya Visuals. However, Kiran Shroff is the partner in this firm and ever since then, the two have been known to work together and make movies together, just how partners should. His last and famous show on telly was Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani and the special thing about this show was the fact that Kushan was able to bring the legendary actress Helen on board. The show ran well and was appreciated as well.

His film career was not filled with the popular Khans and Kapoor as the cast but it did have a bunch of talented actors working for him. His second movie was in 2005 named Hum Dum. It was fairly average at the box office. In 2014, Kushan announced to direct a political thriller and the movie was titled Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Click to look into! >> Read More... Babumoshai Bandookbaaz . The movie started shooting with its cast during 2015 and early 2016. The cast included Chitrangada Singh With her stunning good looks it was not surprising >> Read More... Chitrangada Singh and Nawazuddin Siddique in the lead.

The movie which was expected to be shot in real locations including Bengal and Jharkhand ran into controversy during its filming. Kushan and Chitrangada became the eye candy of spotlight for bringing their spat about an intimate scene between Nawazzuddin (male lead) and Chitrangada. Apparently Kushan, the director of the movie and the actress have been in a verbal spat ever since. In June 2016, Chitrangada walked out of the movie and Kushan seemed very upset. The whole brawling between the Kushal and her went public and landed them both in the limelight. Kushan who maintains that he is very decent and does not indulge in such accused situations, dismisses all the allegations put by the actress. It is also said that the movie will now be casting a new face in place of Chitrangada.