Kesar Matharu is a Writer, Producer and also a Director who is known for his movies like The Dirty Relation Click to look into! >> Read More... The Dirty Relation and Hum Hain Pyar Mein. He has directed both these movies. The Dirty Relation is an adult thriller which was released in June 2013. This movie has his daughter Jasleen Matharu A multi-talented personality Jasleen is a Mumbaika >> Read More... Jasleen Matharu and Kesar himself in the movie among other actors like Sanjay Chauhan Sanjay Chauhan is a screenplay and dialogue writer >> Read More... Sanjay Chauhan and Sonia Misra.

Kesar’s works are mostly found in the Hindi language. He is part of Bollywood from the late 90s itself. But he is active in the industry till today if not with a consistency. In 2002, Kesar directed a movie called Hum Hain Pyar Mein which was also written by him. This movie had got him some popularity and he was able to bring on board a decent cast for the movie. Names like Ram Asra, Neelima Azim, Goga Kapoor Goga Kapoor or Ravinder Kapoor was an actor. He wa >> Read More... Goga Kapoor , Shakti Kapoor Personal life: Shakti Kapoor was born in Delhi, In >> Read More... Shakti Kapoor and Upasna Singh Upasana Singh is an Indian Actress famous for her >> Read More... Upasna Singh . The movie has a well-written plot of a love story, corrupt politicians and culminating in getting justice; A perfect Bollywood masala storyline. His lesser known movies that he directed were Pyasi Nighahen in 1990 and Lafda in 1999.

However, Kesar is remembered for his movie Sambandh: The Relation which caught audience’s eyes in 2004. Kesar who also produced this movie worked with actors like Bhupendra Singh, Sardar Sohi, and Tanisha Singh Tanisha Singh was born in the city of dreams, Mumb >> Read More... Tanisha Singh . This is a family drama like any other masala movies and a tinge of eroticism in it, which was not well received at the box office sadly. Jasleen Matharu, Kesar’s daughter is gifted too. This young woman is known to have a great vocal talent and has also been touring with Mika Singh Mika Singh is an actor, singer, stage presenter an >> Read More... Mika Singh . Her talents include singing, various Dance forms and also acting. Jasleen considers Daddy Kesar as her idol and always looks up to him. Kesar has also been a great supporter and encouraged her in her ventures. Kesar has also cast her in his movies and Jasleen can be seen in father’s new movie that released this year. The Dirty Boss which was screened in theaters all over India in March (2016).

This movie is an adult erotic one and the movie promoted the same before its release. This has his daughter Jasleen and Raju Kher Raju Kher is the younger brother of Anupam Kher an >> Read More... Raju Kher in lead roles in this erotic piece. Irrespective of the Box Office Box Office is a Tamil entertainment TV serial whic >> Read More... Box Office results (going down) the movie leaves no shortage of romance, eroticism and a bit of drama.

The film has Jasleen as a playback singer too and has been produced by Kunwaljeet Singh Matharu. Kesar Matharu has definitely shown versatility in directing, producing and writing the scripts but also in making sure to create an opportunity for his daughter to sing and act. Critics’ reviews seem to not bother much for Directors like Kesar who just go on with their stints of acting in Bollywood.