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Fauzia Arshi is an Indian Entrepreneur, she is one of the youngest people to have achieved such success at a very young age, and she is an incomparable personality and is the COO of the Daily Multimedia Limited. She is a mixed bag of talents with her hands capable of painting some of the best masterpieces.

She is India’s first professional guitarist and has produced some of the best music for many movies and is an excellent composer. Fauzia has dedicated her life to business and set some examples for the upcoming generation. She is the youngest entrepreneur to have successfully written and published a book, “International Marketing Management”.

Fauzia educational qualification is like a long list of to-do items on our bucket list, it never finishes. She did her MBA in Marketing and LLB in Criminology. She has a Ph.D. and a Bachelor’s degree in Music attached to her name.

She is an epitome of success and her devotion and dedication cannot be compared but can be adapted. She is a lot to learn from. She is currently the Managing Director of A Music, an active member of IMPA, IFTDA, and WHRDO.

Fauzia is a dignified person and not only a strategically person but is also a fantastic musician. She has created music and used to hold concerts when she was a teenager and from there on there is no looking back, she has composed music for many songs and later became the director for the 2015 flick, “ Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi Click to look into! >> Read More... ”.

From her early childhood, she used to write poems and was fascinated with it, her poems have published in many articles. She wrote many personality development books and some marketing books, she even published books for the ones who have started to learn the English language.

Fauzia has contributed to the society, she improved the life of women living in slum areas providing them employment, and she uplifted the socially backward boys and girls and also helped the middle-class women to get jobs. She organized various campaigns for women, children and old age people. She follows Mahatma Gandhi and respects his ideology and tries to implement it in her life.

She was a brilliant athlete during her school days and had a keen interest in sports.

Fauzia received many nomination and Awards for her contribution to the world and for improving the life of people. She produced her first film, “Fatso” in 2012 and has produced three movies till date.


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