Jay Alani was born in Munger District of Bihar, his father owns and runs a business, and his mother is a housewife. After completing his school, he went to Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar, where he pursued Mass Communication. From his young days, he was quite creative and always wanted make short films or act in movies where he can entertain the crowd as well as send the social message.

He is involved in many short films on various social issues ranging from drug abuse to the social condition of Bihar. Apart from directing, writing and acting in short films, he is also an author and recently he launched his first book called ‘The Bihari Theory,’ showcasing and discussing the social plight of Biharis and how the people from Bihar gets treated across the country based on some stereotypes.

Apart from that, Jay recently in 2014 made his big screen debut with the movie Biharism- A Fight with Identity, where he was in the lead role along with Shreya Vinod. According to him, he likes to live a simple life like any ordinary boy but on the other Jay dreams to achieve something big in his life, nature wise he is quite shy and introvert that’s a reason he doesn’t like making many friends and is happy with the ones he has. He is currently working on his another book and also involved in other works as well.