Bimal Roy was born on 12 July 1909 in Suapur, Eastern Bengal to a zamindar family. He was the director of Hindi cinema and the well-acclaimed filmmaker of all time Indian film industry. He was known for his realistic approach towards the film. He was the pride of Bengal, who won most of Filmfare award for the Best Director. He was the one who won International Film Award of Cannes Film Festival. He was from East Bengal, a part of Bengal province of British India and now the capital of Bangladesh. After Independence, he moved to India.

He started his film career in the film industry named New Theaters Pvt. Ltd as an assistant cameraman. During that time, he worked with P. C. Barua in one of the hit movie Devdas in 1935. He was a part of parallel cinema movement of India in 1940's and 1950's. He worked with Ritwik Ghatak Ritwik Ghatak was born in Dhakka, East Bengal now >> Read More... in the Film " Madhumati Click to look into! >> Read More... " in which Ritwik Ghatak wrote the screenplay. His movie Do Bhigha Zameen won both national and international awards in Cannes Flim Festival held in Canada. He married to Manobina Roy.

He took his last breath in Calcutta as a patient of cancer at the age of 56, leaving behind four children and wife Manobina. His eldest daughter Rinki Bhattacharya heads the Bimal Roy Memorial Committee. He is known as the pride of Indian cinema. He was one of the finest directors India ever had.

Buali Shah

Born in Pakistan and brought up in the States; BuAli Shah is not just an actor but also a director. His interest towards the industry developed in his childhood while performing at family functions. This interest soon turned to passion in college where he was also awarded for his acting, editing and skills as a director. Shah is a graduate in theater from Norwalk Community College, Connecticut. He also possesses an Acting and Film degree from the State of Connecticut Film Program. Further, Shah holds an MBA degree from the notable Sacred Heart University, also in Connecticut. Shah is by far the most diverse face in the film industry. He has performed the lead in the prestigious Broadway Show (Manhattan) titled ‘How Raja’s Son Won Princess Labam’. Apart from the theater, his lead roles were seen in feature films like ‘Oops A Desi’ in 2013, a thriller about an Indian living in the US illegally. He has also starred in a few short films such as ‘Imagine and ‘The Girl and The Car’. His most recent work was ‘They Exist’, a sci-fi, thriller and horror feature film directed by him wherein he played the lead as well. He traveled all over the world to research on unseen entities other than ghosts and then finally decided on making a film on it. Shah is more than an actor, director, and dancer. He has modeled for various social events in the US. He is fluent in many languages apart from English like Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. He has also tried his hands on anchoring and has interviewed Tom Appleby, the News Director of News 12. He is a gymnast and has completed ten years of Marshal Arts. Shah is very connected to his roots and therefore in his film ‘They Exist’, he has worked with a large number of locals in Connecticut.

Buali Shah Hindi Actor