Baldev Raj Chopra Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 22-04-1914
  • Date of death: 05-11-2008
  • Star Sign : Taurus

Baldev Chopra had faced a lot of problems in his early career. He had to leave his home place, Lahore after riots broke out at the time of independence. He was working on his new production with a story by I.S Johar but had to abandon it because of the ensuing ruckus. He was born in Ludhiana and studied at the University of Punjab in Lahore. He received an M.A there. There was a monthly magazine about films called Cine Herald. He worked as a journalist there at the start of his career and took over it and ran it until 1947. India was partitioned into India and Pakistan after peace prevailed, and he moved to Delhi in 1947. His first successful production, Karwat, in 1948, turned out to be a flop at the box office. His first direction, Afsana, was a hit and earned him his long due fame.

It starred Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. >> Read More... Ashok Kumar in a double role and was released in 1951. After that, Meena Kumari Meena Kumari is a popular TV and film actress. She >> Read More... Meena Kumari worked with him in a film called Chandni Chowk in 1954. His homemade production, B.R Films, was launched in 1955, and he made a very successful first film called Naya Daur Naya Daur is a television show that aired on Zee T >> Read More... Naya Daur in 1957. It featured Dilip Kumar Muhammad Yusuf Khan was born on the 11th of Decemb >> Read More... Dilip Kumar and Vyjayantimala Bali. It turned out to be a Golden Jubilee hit. One thing that B.R Chopra had was that he did not allow Lata Mangeshkar’s songs in his movies except two, and wanted only Asha Bhosle’s songs. Mohammad Rafi also sang for him a few times. The reason for this peculiarity is unknown. He also directed the Mahabharat serial on TV, which was a huge success. He passed away in Mumbai on 5th November 2008.