Birthday: 13-03-1978
Age: 41
Star sign: Aries

Anusha Rizvi is a filmmaker as well as a screenwriter. Anusha was born on 13 March 1978. She has done her graduation from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. She has done her graduation in history.

She is married to Mahmood Farooqui. He is a writer, director and an artist from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He has known for his book Besieged: (Voices of Delhi,1857). It was the translations from Habib Tanvir’s Memoirs. He is also known for Dastangoi which is a type of story-telling. It was fading away, but Farooqui along with Shamsur Rahman Faruqi who happens to be his uncle revived Dastangoi in the 21st century.

Farooqui was also one of the researchers of White Mughals. It is a book written by William Dalrymple. He had also received a Rhodes Scholarship while he was studying to go to St. Peter’s College, the University of Oxford to study history. Anusha currently lives with her husband in Delhi, India. Anusha was a journalist before she became a director. She left journalism to direct her debut film, Peepli (Live). She also wrote the story of the movie. She approached the famous Indian actor, Aamir Khan to help her make the movie. He agreed to start the project. Peepli (Live) is Anusha’s debut movie as a director and as a writer as well. The movie was released on 13 August 2010. The cast of the film included Omkar Das Manikpuri, Naseeruddin Shah, Shalini Vatsa, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raghubir Yadav, Vishal O Sharma, Malaika Shenoy, Aamir Bashir, etc. the movie was produced by Aamir Khan himself along with his director-producer wife, Kiran Rao. UTV Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan Productions were the distributors for the movie. Anusha’s husband, Mahmood Farooqui was also a co-director with her. The movie focused on the drastic suicides of farmers in the villages of India. The main character of the movie, Natha Das Manikpuri (played by Omkar Das Manikpuri) is a very poor farmer from Peepli. He decides to commit suicide. That’s when the whole story begins with media reporting live coverage from Peepli.

Anusha is busy with her second movie, Opium along with her husband, Mahmood Farooqui. It is an adaptation of Sea of Poppies, a book by Amitav Ghosh. At the Sundance Film Festival, Anusha was nominated for her film for best World Cinema. In 2010, at Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Anusha’s Peepli Live was nominated for Best Feature Film. She won at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival too. She also won at the Durban Film Festival. Along with it, she won at Gollapudi Srinivas Award.

Ashvin Kumar Hindi Actor

Ashvin Kumar

Ashvin Kumar is an Indian director, producer, and writer, whose prominent works include a number of feature-length films, documentaries, and short films. He was born in Kolkata in 1973 to well-known fashion designer and Padma Shri awardee Ritu Kumar and Shashi Kumar. He has won 2 National Awards along with various film festival awards. He was the youngest Indian director, at the age of 32, to be nominated for an Academy Award. He was the first to be nominated for the European Film Academy and now is a voter of BAFTA and European Film Academy. Ashvin Kumar did his schooling in Kolkata at the La Martiniere Kolkata Modern School and also at The Doon School, Dehradun. He was a member of the Shakespeare Society at St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, Goldsmith’s University, London where he completed a bachelor’s degree in media and communication and for a short while at the London Film School. He decided to move to London due to the lack of opportunities for short films in Delhi. Kumar dropped out of the London Film School and invested his course fees into the making of his first movie ‘Road to Ladakh’ which was released in 2004. Though the shooting of the film took a mere 16 days, the release occurred after a period of 9 months during which Ashvin learned the ins and outs of production and post-production. His experiences in making the movie were later released as ‘The Near Un-Making of Road to Ladakh’. The film stars Irrfan Khan and was shot in Spiti Valley, Ladakh. His second film Little Terrorist was a 15-minute long short film released in 2005. The film received critical acclaim at the international level and won various film festival awards. It was nominated for an Oscar in the short film category only to lose out to the ‘Wasp’ by Andrea Arnold. It was also screened at over 130 film festivals worldwide. The film was shot in 5 days in Rajasthan based on the true story of a Pakistani boy who accidentally crossed the border into India. His first feature-length film was an ecological thriller based on Jim Corbett’s exploits called The Forest and it was released in 2012. The film gave a strong pro-environment message and was primarily shot in the Corbett National Park. Kumar released Dazed in Doon in 2010, at the request of The Doon School. The movie was prevented from releasing by the school itself on the grounds of there being an unfavorable portrayal of the school. The film was later released online in 2013. For his first documentary Inshallah Football, Kumar won the National Award for Best Film on Social Issues. The film which was completed in 2010 faced difficulties with respect to the censor certification. It was ultimately awarded an A (Adult) Certification due to mentions of torture in the Kashmir-oriented film. The film was in relation to the real-life story of an upcoming footballer who was denied a passport by the Government of India due to his father being a militant. Consequently, his next documentary Inshallah Kashmir was released online in 2012. The film which has various descriptions of torture and mentions of political and religious issues was hence awarded an A-certificate by the censor board. The film won the National award for Best Investigative Film. At present, Ashvin is working on Noor, a suspense thriller about a mother bringing her daughter, Noor, back to Kashmir and about how the Noor works towards uncovering the truth about her missing father. Kumar is also working on Hype which is a film about materialistic pleasures which are given importance to by modern day youth in direct contrast to the traditional vibes of the movie’s backdrop, which is New Delhi.


Shahram Alidi

Shahram was born on 11th December 1971 in Kurdistan, Iran. His sun sign is Sagittarius. By profession, he is an Iranian screenwriter, film director, and a movie producer. Apart from that, he also excels as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. In his early schooling years, although he initially began as an actor, acting in school theaters; he started to develop an interest in painting, which soon transformed into a tremendous passion for him. He managed to win three National painting competitions from the year 1991 to 1993. He lost himself in the beauty and world of colors, drawings, and art. Thus, he decided to invest his future in learning and knowing more about painting. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree in painting from the “Beaux Arts Faculty” of Tehran University and his Master's degree in animation from the “Cinema & Theatre Faculty” of Art University in 1997 and 2004 respectively. During a brief period from 1994 to 1997, he found himself preoccupied with various other things. He had been active in designing and illustrating children's books during that period. He was also into designing of theaters and scenes at the same time. Without knowing, he started drifting away from the world of painting towards the glory of cinema. Unable to resist his love for his passions, he wanted to mix poetry, painting, and theater altogether and create something magical. He has worked in many movies and have received awards for them. His projects include: ‘Mamli' in 1997, ‘Milk(Shote)' in 1998, ‘The heavenly doors' in 1999, ‘The ground is Hard' in 2000, ‘The Last Uncounted village' in 2003, ‘The Breath' in 2005, ‘Mountains of Tehran' in 2006, ‘Quatrain of Water' in 2008, ‘The Whisper of Wind' and ‘The Rosary' in 2009 and ‘Ode of the Mirror' in 2010. Out of all of his movies, the ‘Whisper with the Wind' and ‘The Last Uncounted Village' are the most praised and acknowledged. ‘The Last Uncounted Village' was released in 2003. His writings for the movie were highly praised and liked. His movie has received a number of prestigious awards such as, ‘The Best Film' at the ‘The First Sony Company Festival', Iran (2002), ‘The Best Film' ‘Avanca Festival', Portugal (2003), ‘Different Cinema of Asia' i at the ‘Busan Film Festival', South Korea (2003), ‘The Best Film - A level' at the ‘Tehran Short Film Festival', Iran (2003), ‘Kurdistan Cinema' at the ‘D'ournise Festival', France (2003), ‘The Best Scenario (script)' at the ‘Aroca Festival', Portugal (2004), ‘Francois O'Dea Prize' at the ‘Hamburg Festival', Germany (2004) and the ‘Special Prize by Jury' at the ‘Torino Festival', Italy (2004). The ‘Whisper of the Wind' released in 2009, showcased a beautiful story that made the audience experience a variety of different emotions altogether. The story shows the journey of a postman who records messages from soldiers or survivors in the hope of contacting their families in a mountain territory. He has received some prestigious awards for his this moving movie. His awards include ‘The Golden Don Quixote' in Norway at the ‘Tromso Film Festival' in 2010, ‘Young Academic Student Jury Prize' in Slovakia at the ‘Bratislava Film Festival' in 2009, ‘Prize of Academic Jury' in France at ‘Pessac International Historic Film Festival' in 2009, ‘Special Jury Award' in Brazil at the ‘Amazon Film Festival' in 2009 and ‘Prize of Mumbai Young Critics Award' in India at the ‘Mumbai International Film Festival' in 2009 as well. Apart from this, his movie also won the ‘Critic Weeks Section' in France at the famous ‘Cannes International Film Festival' in 2009.

Shahram Alidi Hindi Actor