Omkar Das Manikpuri Hindi Actor
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Omkar Das Manikpuri is a film as well as a stage actor who was born in 1970 in Brindanagar, Bhilai, in the state of Chhattisgarh. He grew up in the Durg district of Chattisgarh. He studied till fifth standard but due to the sudden death of his father he had to quit studies. Later, he joined a local village theatre group named Mandali. In the year 1981, he shifted back to his birthplace Brindanagar in Bhilai.

His acting career started at the age of seventeen. He worked as a performer with a folk theatre named Nacho. He worked there with full dedication and the various open-air stage performances furnished his skills. He is now a Singer, Mimicry Artist, Dancer, and a Stand-Up Comedian as well. He joined a theatre which was founded by ‘ Habib Tanvir Habib Tanvir was an acclaimed poet, actor, theatre >> Read More... Habib Tanvir ’ in the city of Bhopal. He worked there as an actor. Working in the theatre was the turning point of his life. He not only showcased his skills in India but also went abroad. His classics like Agra Bazaar, Sadak, Kamdev Ka Apna Basant, Ritu ka Sapna, Charandas Chor are worth praise. Charandas Chor was a children’s film which was directed by ‘ Shyam Benegal Shyam Benegal is a renowned Indian director and sc >> Read More... Shyam Benegal ’ and came into cinemas in the year 1975. Seeing these performances, directors ‘Rizvi’ and ‘ Mahmood Farooqui Mahmood Farooqui, born on 13th March 1978 (age 38) >> Read More... Mahmood Farooqui ’ spotted him. They asked him to do audition for a movie in Bhopal.

After a long struggle, he came up with his debut film Peepli Live, which was produced by Aamir Khan Productions. Peepli Live is an Indian satirical comedy film that throws light upon the topic of "farmer suicides" and the political response on it. Omkar played the lead role in it. He had given the audition for a supporting character, but ultimately his talent made him do the title role. In the year 2014, he acted in the movie Ebn-E-Batista, which was directed by ‘Varun Middha’. The film was widely acclaimed, and everyone appreciated his acting.

His family consists of total seven members. He lives in Bhilai with his three kids, his brother, his wife, and his mother. He is currently working on various Chattisgarhi pictures and a folk music album as well. Though he is not tall and handsome, yet he is highly talented and is searching for the right opportunities to showcase his acting and dramatic talent. He is trying in various Chattisgarhi films as well.