Directed by Ketan Mehta, Rang Rasiya-colours of passion, is a sneak peek into the life of a 19th- century painter, Raja Ravi Verma.Like any other biography, it

Rang Rasiya Movie Review

Rang Rasiya Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Rang Rasiya"
Runtime: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 07-11-2014
Genre: Drama, Biography
3.5 / 5.0

Directed by Ketan Mehta He was born in 1952 and is a director by professio >> Read More... Ketan Mehta , Rang Rasiya Click to look into! >> Read More... Rang Rasiya -colours of passion, is a sneak peek into the life of a 19th- century painter, Raja Ravi Verma.Like any other biography, it talks about his inspirations, the rise, and fall and thus the story of an artist.


The story deals with the search of the protagonist for an inspiration to paint. As the story progresses, he does find a girl and the resultant paintings of the Hindu deities are received well by the people. But as unpredictable life is, the inevitable happens: the artist falls in love with his inspiration. What happens next is a given, because of the chaos the love brings, he starts painting inappropriate images, which garner the angst of the public. The film also brings to light the ever existing issue of the artistic freedom in the society. The film’s concept on its own is a rare one, ‘biography of an artist’, which surely makes for a meaty script. It’s the story of an artist who revolutionised the way Indian art was perceived by painting Hindu deities. Dealing with his doubts, self-belief, inspirations and love, making enemies on his way and still sticking to his belief, the film brings alive the era in which he lived, vibrantly on the screen.


The film is an adaption of Ranjit Desai’s Marathi biography, and draws attention to the fact that ‘if society is the reflection of the art, then art is the reflection of society too’. Beautifully captured and created by Ketan Mehta, the film promises to be full of visually treat sequences complemented by persuasive star performances, at the same time dealing with multiple themes, ranging from artistic freedom to the inner conflicts of the characters.


Randeep Hooda, once again, strikes the chord as Raja Ravi Varma, being flawless in this complex interpretation. The female lead, Nandana Sen Nandana Sen is an Indian Film actress, who is endo >> Read More... Nandana Sen , also does justice to Sugandha – the artist’s muse, being passionate and conflicted at the same time. The star cast succeeds in refurbishing the film and making it real on screen.


As a biography of an artist dealing with a myriad of themes, the film stands relevant to the test of time, complemented by an effortless star cast and formidable script. Rang Rasiya qualifies as one of the looked forward to movies of the year.


The film is fulfilling in all spheres including music and a spectacular screenplay, but it stands a chance of not being commercially viable.


As an art film, Rang Rasiya couldn’t have been better. For people with an artistic taste, this one qualifies as an artist’s muse.