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Neel Madhav Hindi Actor

Neel Madhav is a young Indian man who follows an unconventional path and is a professional magician. He completed his schooling from Dehradun and is currently based in Mumbai and is famous for his TV Show You Got Magic. His first interest in magic goes back to 2010 when he met Jason Randal, a very well-recognized magician in Boston.

He received a book from Jason which eventually changed his life. His meeting with the renowned magician made him realize the power and effect of magic. He wished to use magic to make his audience forget their worries and enjoy. His magic is unique as it combines magic with criminal psychology and mentalism, neuro-linguistic programming and NLP.

The main inspirational figures in the field of magic are Jason Randall and James Randy. When he met James Randy, he spent a few hours with him and in that little time was able to impress him so much so that James told Neel’s father that his son would achieve a lot of success in Magic and in a shorter time than most people. Neel admits to having practiced magic in the early days at least five hours in a day.

He also authored a book and is soon going to release the second book. The book talks about his journey as a magician and also contains magic tricks and his experiences. He is a TEDx speaker and has been to colleges like St. Xavier's in Mumbai or Christ University in Bangalore.

His talks focus mainly on the scope of magic in India. In his popular television show, he combines magic with traveling and impresses people by creating magic with local elements in the places he visits. He as many notable personalities as a part of his audience.

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Neel is in terms with the fact that his career path requires continuous growth and innovation and strives to achieve excellence. Apart from magic, Neel also spends time with corporates teaching them tricks and tips on understanding the minds of their dealers or clients. At a very young age, Neel has reached achievements in magic and has a massive fan following on social media platforms like Facebook.