Ram Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ram Kumar , born in Shimla in the year 1924, is one of the foremost abstract painters in India. He was born in a large family having eight brothers and sisters. His father worked in the British government. He pursued his M.A. in economics from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. One day, while roaming around with his friends from the college, he ended up in an art exhibition. This place left him spellbound. He was so fascinated with those paintings that he visited the place several times. Later, he started taking classes at Sharda Ukil School of Art in New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi in the year 1945. Further, he continued his studies by moving to Paris where he got guidance from some well-known personalities in this field i.e. Andre Lhote and Fernand Leger.

He then joined the French Communist party in Paris itself. Ram Kumar is famous for mainly painting landscapes, in acrylic and oil. He is also associated with the Progressive Artist’s Group. Thereafter, he participated in many exhibitions around the world among which one was his solo exhibition in Delhi in the year 2008. Mr. Kumar was also awarded the Padma Shri in the year 1972 and Padma Bhushan in 2010. He is also well known for writing books such as ‘The face and other stories,’ ‘The sea and other stories,’ and many more. In one of his interviews, he says that he likes being surrounded by his art instead by a crowd. The eighty-nine years old man says that being to Varanasi was one of the greatest experiences he had in his life.

‘It was some emotion that connected him with that place,’ he said. As a child, he was not at all interested in art but somehow he and his brother got into writing. At that time, he only took it as a way of earning some money. But as time passed, he started to develop interest in the same. He was also a part of the Delhi Shilpi Chakra artist group. This made him meet several artists and developed healthy companionships with them. In one of the interviews, he had been asked why he rarely visits any of the art events. As an answer to the question, he explained that he do visit exhibitions but does not prefer to go for openings as they have a lot of crowd. Truly, he is a great inspiration to the youth who want to get ahead in the field of art.