Hindi Anchor ( 0 - 12 )

Pavitra Paruthi

Adnaan Rizvi

Suman Chellani

Nabila Mustari


Anchor Is A Twinkling Star Of The Show

The broadcaster on a show that may be related to sports, art or news is known as the anchor. The anchor enthrals the audience with their presence of mind, incredible fluency in the language that they communicate in, and their spontaneity. They communicate with people of various backgrounds with an important motive that may me informative, entertaining, or educational. An anchor needs to adapt with the format of the show- depending on the format of the show, they portray the role of an educator or interviewer or the mediator.

Generally possessing a background in journalism which helps them in communicating with audience and the celebrities or common people who participate in the show, anchors need to aware of all the current affairs that is taking place around the world. They have no strict script to follow which, although gives them the freedom to speak, but it tests their spontaneity and flawless delivery of speech.

They need to use interesting word sequences, and at time appropriate humour or emotions according to the backdrop of the show that they are anchoring for, so as to keep the audience intrigued throughout the show. Anchors need to be so efficient in their speaking that the audience feels that they are a part of the show even when they are sitting miles away in front of the television screen- the ability to create a connection with the audience is the testing factor of the anchors.