English Stunt Double ( 0 - 7 )

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Stunt Double

A Stunt double is a combination of body double and a stunt performer. This is also referred to as Stunties. A stunt double is one who performs stunt sequences for an actor and at the same time resembles that actor's physique.

He is the one who covers up actors who are unable to perform such intense scenes owing to age or health issues and thereby help in completion of a particular stunt sequence. Body doubles are those who look alike with the actor and perform any scene be it a dance or an action scene. But when the same is done for stunt sequences, it is said to be Stunt double.

This job requires the person to stay fit and also be trained so that he/ she can avoid any mishap. There has been a steady rise in demand for stunt doubles as there are a lot of double action movies which are being made.