Shannyn Sossamon is an actress and musician in America. Her full name is Shannyn Marie Kahololani Sossamon. The name Shannyn Sossamon is her commonly used name. She was born on the 3rd of October in the year 1978. Her birthplace is Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She presently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a professional actress, dancer, musician and a model. She has appeared in many superhit movies like A Knight’s Tale in 2001, then 40 Days and 40 Nights as well, the Holiday in 2006, the Rules of Attraction in 2002, and many more. She was also a part of the show Wristcutters: A love Story, which got aired in 2006.

She also had a role in the drama Moonlight which continued only for a single season from the year 2007 to 2008. She got nominated for the Teen Choice Award for her outstanding performance in a horror film One Missed Call in the year 2008. “Life is Hot in Crackdown” in 2009, “Road to Nowhere” in 2010, “The End Of Love” in 2012 are some of the independent films which she was a part of. She also acted in many more independent films. She has also been a part of the Television, be it shows, reality shows, commercials, daily soaps. Mistress was a drama which was shown on TV in the year 2013.

Shannyn was a part of the drama and made many appearances. She also acted in a show which ran from 2015-2016 and got named as M. Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines. There was a show called Sleepy Hollow on FOX TV where she played the role of Pandora. She was a musician in Warpaint for five years, 2004 to 2008 where she used to give drums and vocals. She then left the musical group because she wanted to focus more on acting. In Exquisite Corpse, she made the only recording with the band in 2009. She has also directed many music videos, short films, documentaries and they all had released with the help of Maudegone Theater.

Maudegone theatre was a video producing an online site which was started by Shannyn. She got raised in Reno, Nevada after being born in Hawaii. Her father’s name is Todd Lindberg, and her mother’s name is Sherry Sossamon. Her mother’s occupation was a nurse. Her younger sister, Jenny Lee Lindberg is also a singer and was born in the year 1981. At the age of only five years, her parents got divorced. She was solely raised by her mother, who then married a salesman and a manager, Randy Goldman.

Claire Forlani English Actress

Claire Forlani

Claire Antonia Forlani is the full name of the actress Claire Forlani. She was born on December 17, 1972, in Twickenham situated in London, England. She started her career in acting in the year 1991. She started her career by playing a leading role in the movie named “Mallrats” in mid-1990. Then in the year 1996, she was starred in the Jean Michael’s biopic named “Basquiat.” Then she played a very popular role in the movie named “Meet Joe Black” in the year 1998 which was a romance film (Fantasy.) Her parent’s name was; her mother was Barbara who was of English origin, and her father was from Ferrara, Italy, his name was Pier Luigi Forlani who used to work as a music manager. She had a lot of interest in acting and dancing since her childhood, so at the age of eleven, she got admitted into the “Arts Educational School In London” and studied there for a long period of six years and learned acting and dancing. During that period, she used to dance on stage and get a lot of appreciation over there. Her most popular dance performances were “Orpheus in the Underworld” and “The Nutcracker.” In the year 2007, June, she got married to Dougray Scott, a popular Scottish actor, and on December 27, 2014, the couple gave birth to their son and named him Milo Thomas Scott. She has done remarkable work till now in her career and as given much record breaking movies. She has also worked in television as well. In the year 2000, she appeared in the movie named “Boys and Girls.” Then in the year 2001, she was selected as “the new face of L’oreal.” In the 2000, as well as 2001 edition of “Stuff” Magazine, she was ranked as No. 51 and No. 89 respectively the list of “100 Sexiest Women.” Then in the year 2001, again she was ranked No. 85 in the same list given by “FHM” Magazine, and her name was also present in the list of “100 Hot Babes” released by “Loaded.” In the year 2003, she was seen in the movie named “The Medallion” and then in the year 2007; she played a prominent role in the movie named “In The Name Of The King.” She has also appeared in various television drama series too, the most recognizable being “Cameot” which was a History Drama Series (Genre-Fantasy). She has also acted in the first and second part of the television series like “NCIS; Los Angeles,” and action series named “CSI: NY” which got aired on CBS.


Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson, whose original name is Sharisse “Shar” Jackson was born on the 31st of August in the year 1976. Her place of birth is Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. She is an American by birth. Being a singer, a comedian and an actress at the same time, she is still a good parent. She is famous for her role as Niecy Jackson on the show ‘Moesha’, which was shown on UPN. In 2007, she won a great award. She was the winner of the reality show ‘Celebrity Rap Superstar’ in the MTV channel. Jackson was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America. Both her parents were African American but her mother was the descent of a Native American, whereas her father was of a Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. Kevin Federline was Jackson’s spouse. She had two children with him. Her daughter Kori Madison Federline was born on the 31st of July in the year 2002. Her son Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline was born on the 20th of July in the year 2004. Sadly, they got separated just before the birth of their son. After they were separated, Jackson’s husband Federline got into a relationship with Britney Spears, who is a famous pop singer. Jackson was quite disappointed by Federline’s relationship, and she said that he did not just break a relationship, he broke an entire family. But her friendship and respect for Federline was sustained. She complemented his parentship. Britney Spears and Federline were engaged and they got married but only for two years after which they got separated. Kaleb and Kori are not the only children that Jackson has. Son Donnie, who was born on October 1993 and daughter Cassie, who was born on September 1994 were two older children which she had with her boyfriend during high school. She is highly educated with two degrees. A Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Forensic Science. Apart from playing the role of Niecy Jackson on the show ‘Moesha’, she also worked on the ‘Bernie Mac’ show. In the show ‘My So-Called Life’, she enacted the role of Crystal. She also acted in the movie ‘Good Burger’ alongside K. Mitchell and K. Thompson. Jackson was also present in the reality show of ‘ABC’ titled ‘The Ex-Wives Club’. The show wanted to comfort those men and women who had recently been separated. She acted in the movie ‘I Do… I Did’ in 2009. She was also a part of the movie ‘Steppin: The Movie’, which was a dance based film.

Shar Jackson English Actress