Karen Sheila Gillan is a twenty-eight-year-old model and actress. She was born on 28 November 1987 in Inverness (Scotland) and was brought up there up until she turned sixteen and chose a career as an actor. After that, to study acting, she first moved to Edinburgh and attended Telford College, and graduated from the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Drama School. Modeling and acting knocked at her door while she was getting her bachelor’s degree. Her first assignment as a model was to walk the ramp at the launch party of Nicola Roberts’ makeup range called ‘Dainty Doll’. On the other hand, as an actor, her first appearance was in an episode of ‘Rebus’, ITV Network’s detective drama. Karen’s acting has been very well acknowledged in the form of nominations and awards for her work.

She is most popularly known for her portrayal of Amy Pond on BBC’s sci-fi tele series titled ‘Doctor Who’. Interestingly, she played a soothsayer in an episode of the fourth season before she returned to the show in its fifth season as the Eleventh Doctor's first companion. She has won herself the Best Actress award at the Cosmopolitan "Woman of the Year" Awards in 2010, the SFX Awards in 2011 and the TV Choice Awards in 2011 as well. Along with this, in 2012, she was awarded at the National Television Awards at the same show. The year 2015 brought her two awards- Best Actress at the IFS Film Festival for ‘Bound for Greatness’ (a short film directed by James Gadd, revolving around the love life of a man down with Asperger’s syndrome), and Best Female Newcomer at the Empire Awards.

The Empire Award was bestowed upon her for two films-‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, an adaptation of the Marvel Comics having the same title; and ‘ Oculus Click to look into! >> Read More... Oculus ’, Mike Flanagan’s super hit horror film with Karen as the protagonist. In the short film titled ‘Coward,’ she has debuted as a writer and director as well. This venture in a field, other than acting, was successful as it was awarded the Best Independent Short Film award at the IFS Film Festival in 2015. Karen currently lives in California. Even though she belongs to a Catholic family, she is not religious. She is a trained pianist and loves to shop vintage. She has also been involved in spreading awareness about breast cancer. She cannot swim and is known to have had a fear of driving. She is five feet and ten inches tall and has been quoted talking about being teased at in school for her height.

Ellen Page English Actress

Ellen Page

The 28-year-old Ellen Page is a Canadian actress who was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her Mother Martha Philpotts is a teacher while her father Dennis Page is a graphic designer. As a kid, she loved playing with action figures and enjoyed climbing trees. In 2014, she came out of the closet and during a speech at the Human Rights campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference announced that she is gay. She calls herself a pro-choice feminist. She is in a relationship with surfer and artist Samantha Thomas since September 2015. They first discussed their relationship on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'. Her first encounter with the camera was in 1997 when she was ten years old, in the CBS television movie ‘Pit Pony’. This led to more and more roles in small TV series’ and movies. When she was 16 years old, she was cast in ‘Mouth to Mouth’ which was an independent film shot in Europe. In 2005, she starred in ‘Hard Candy’ which got her a lot of praise for her excellent portrayal of an incredibly complex and disturbing character. Ellen was also seen in ‘X-men: The Last Stand’ as Katherine Pryde or Shadowcat. This role was never before played as a main character. She received substantial praise for her title role in ‘Juno’. Her role in ‘Juno’ won her more than 20 awards. Heath Ledger, before his death had shown interest in starring Page for his directorial debut, ‘The Queen's Gambit’. Page starred in Christopher Nolan’s big budget thriller film ‘Inception’ in 2010. She has won some awards for her roles in ‘Marion Bridge’, ‘Wilby Wonderful’, ‘Hard Candy’, ‘Inception’ and ‘Juno’ and nominated for various more roles. The actress is a vegetarian and she and Jared Leto have been named the sexiest vegetarians of 2014 by PETA. She is also an atheist.


Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney is an English Actress from North America. She was born on June 19, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, Patrick Tunney is a car salesman, and her mother, Cathy Tunney worked as a bartender. In the television series The Mentalist, She became famous for her role as Teresa Lisbon. She studied acting at the Chicago Academy for the Arts and Second City Players Workshop. Her acting career began early by acting in commercials while she was a child. At the age of eighteen, she moved to Los Angles and got roles in different television series such as Life Goes On (1989), Law and Order (1990), HBO’s Dream On (1990), Class of ’96 (1993) and the ABC mini-series J.F.K: Reckless Youth (1993). In the 1995 television series of Empire Records, Tunney gave an incredible performance in the role of Debra as a suicidal teenager with a shaved head. In 1996, Tunney made her first film led in The Craft movie, though she acted in many supporting roles earlier. In 1997 Venice Film Festival, she won the Best Actress-Cuppa Volpe for her role as Marcy in Niagara, Niagara. In 1999 supernatural action film End of Days, she acted along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the Tom Petty’s music video, Swingin She appeared with Luke Wilson. For the movie Vertical Limit in 2000, she underwent five weeks of mountaineering training. In 2001, she was voted in Maxim Hot 100. Tunney married Bob Gosse, a producer, and director in 1997 and then got divorced in 2006. She has appeared in the pilot episode of five different series: Class of ’96, Cutters, House, M.D., Prison Break and the Mentalist. Other than this she acted in movies and television shows like Supernova, The Secret Lives of Dentists, Paparazzi, Shadow of Fear, The Zodiac, Runaway, Hollywoodland, August, The Burning Plain, The Two Mr. Kissels, Passenger Side, See Girl Run, My All-American. In the 2006 Boston Film Festival, She won in the festival category for film open window. She played the role named Zoe in three different movies of Investigating Sex, Cherish, The Darwin Awards.

Robin Tunney English Actress