Jake McDorman

Other names of Jake McDorman: John Allen "Jake" McDorman IV

Jake McDorman is an Actor in the industry. He has extensively worked in Hollywood television shows and feature-length films. The actor was born on 8, July 1986 and hailed from Dallas in Texas. He received his elementary schooling at the Northwood Hills Elementary in the city of Texas and then went to the Westwood Junior High School. He did his further studies from the Richardson High School and learned acting at the Dallas Young Actors Studio. He has got a long history of working in Television Drama shows from the starting of his career. He did the series named ‘ Limitless Click to look into! >> Read More... Limitless ’ in the year 2018. It aired on the channel CBS. He played the character of Brian Finch, a Musician who took a pill which enhanced his capabilities so that he can use that knowledge to solve cases.

He also starred in the drama show ‘Greek’ which aired on the channel ABC Family from the year 2007 to 2011. He did a situational comedy series named ‘Are you there, Chelsea? And another show called Shameless, where he played the character of Mike Pratt on Show Time. After hitting the small screen with his brilliance, the actor moved towards the big town and debuted in the industry with his first film ‘Echoes of Innocence’ in the year 2005 He was part of the successful series Manhattan Love Story in the year 2014, it aired on the channel ABC, and the actress Analeigh Tipton Analeigh Tipton is an American actress, fashion mo >> Read More... Analeigh Tipton starred against him in the lead role.

He became part of the show Revival in 2018 and played the role of Avery who is Murphy’s Son. He did various television shows from ‘Aquamarine’ to Bring it on: All of nothing, Live free or die Hard’ in the year 2007 where he played the character of Jim. He was also the part of the movie American Snipper in 2014 as the character of Biggles. The film got directed by Clint Eastwood He is a legendary actor and considered to be the m >> Read More... Clint Eastwood , and the actor learned a lot from the director. He worked in the short film See you on the other side. Some of his notable television shows are Quintuplets in the year 2004-05, House where he gave a guest appearance, CSI:Miami, Cold Case, The Craiglish Killer, the Newsroom, and Memphis Beat. He also did Me Him Her in the year 2017 and played the character of Griffin. He acted in the Ideal home as Beau in the year 2018. >