Alessandro Antine Nivola took birth on June 28, 1972. His popular name is Sandro which is being called by his fans. Not only he is an actor but also a producer. He was born in Boston. His family is not from an acting background; still he accomplished in acting. His father is a professor and mother is an artist. He has also got a sibling. Nivola has attended Yale University during his study period. He was so dedicated to studying that he completed his study and then stepped into this glitzy world. 

Alessandro has received his Degree in English literature. Apart from education, he is a fine football player who possesses patriotism for his country. He was also in bands throughout his high school and college life.

In his first performance itself, Alessandro was able to gain an award that gave him spirit to get more awards and honours. After 1995, he was able to act in many movies. He has worked in the lead role in most of his movies. He has gained many awards in celebrities’ functions. 

Alessandro inaugurated his production company with his wife and made a movie. In 2003, he got married, and this couple lived happily with their two children. Alessandro has acted in many television series and got many awards for it. The love and appreciation from fans made him accomplish even more. Though he has opened a new production sector, he is still continuing his acting skills. Since last two years, he has not been seen on the big screen, but he is still there in television series. He is one of the finest actors in America who has simultaneously maintained his acting skills in television series, movies.

Albert Finney English Actor

Albert Finney

Albert Finney took birth in 1936. He is a British actor. His great charisma was successful in many of the Shakespeare plays. He passed away at the age of 79. His birth place was in London. After having so many successful plays, he switched over his career to movies. Initially, Albert Finney was a bookmaker. He got trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was too young to act as a lead actor in Hollywood cinemas. At the outset, he used to work behind the screens and grew into a famous stage artist. He started his career in the theatre and became a popular star in Hollywood theatres.  Albert stepped as a stage artist in the year 1958 and made many plays which gave him confidence so that he can make his future as an actor. His appearance in movies was first seen in 1960. After his first film, he went on a break. After this break, he made a series of plays and then moved to the big screen. Meanwhile, he started working as a director and his presence became less recurrent in the big screen.  Being popular as an actor, Albert also sang for two movies. Even though he directed movies and worked as a musical director, he never gave up the stage performances. In 1997, he had his last stint as a stage actor. He worked in many TV channels and won millions of heart. He also won several awards. Albert has won five Oscar nominations, but he has never received it. He has won many awards for his excellence. Later on, he suffered from kidney cancer and succumbed to it in 2012. His death broke the hearts of his fans.  


Alexander Siddig

The real name of this great, charming personality is Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abdurrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi. He is popular for the fans with a nickname Siddig El Fadil. He was born on 21st November 1965. He was born in Sudan and he is an actor of a combination of both Sudanese and British. As he is a British, he is popular with Alexander Siddig name since the 1990s.  Siddig gained recognition by doing stage performances and soap operas. His life was spent in England with his British mother. His father is from Sudan. As his mother works in a theatre as a theatre consultant and paternal uncle as an actor, Alexander Siddig also developed such type of attitude. His curiosity was seen since infantile. He has attended St. Lawrence College for his graduation. Alexander Siddig started dating his co-star, and soon they married. Regrettably, they had a divorce in the year 2001. After attending St. Lawrence College, Siddig has enrolled himself in London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to enhance the power of acting. After attending this college, he worked on a stage and also as a director of a small theatre. His acting in Dangerous Man changed his life. His angry man character in this movie drew the attention of public as well as other directors. Siddig was cast in a series where he was supposed to be a hero but wasn’t.  It is because the director thought that he is very young to get this role. But at the end of the series, the role of Siddig was prominent. His gave him an ample opportunity to lead a new life and to sustain acting as a career.

Alexander Siddig English Actor