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Sheryl Berkoff

Sheryl Berkoff is an American special effect/ make-up artist and jewelry designer. She was born in Los Angeles, California and she is the sister of Academy Award-winning actress Hillary Swank. Sheryl started her career from the film The Vanishing (1988) where her work received appreciation by everyone as she did amazing looks for the actors. After that, she worked for various movies as a make-up artist. Some of the projects in which she has created looks for the actors include Glengarry Glen Rose (1992), and Frankie and Johnnie. She has also created special effects and exceptional looks for the films Eve Of Destruction (1991) and Renegades (1989). In the year 1991, she marries the American Veteran actor Rob Lowe who is known for movies like The Outsiders (1983). The two of them got acquainted with each other through a mutual friend in the early 80s. At that time Sheryl was dating Rob’s friend. The two of them then met again in 1983 and went on a blind date. They did not date at that moment but, they met again after six years in 1989 on the sets of the film Bad Influence and became good friends. Sheryl was the make-up artist for Robin that film. After a while, they started dating, and on 22nd July 1991, they got married. The couple has two sons, Matthew Lowe born on 24th September 1993 and Jonny Lowe born on 23rd July 2017. After getting married to Rob, she left her job as a makeup artist and decided to be a home-maker. She has been a supportive wife to Rob as she has stood by him during his good and bad times. When Rob got falsely accused of physically assaulting an employee, she never left Rob’s side and trusted him until it was proved that he did nothing. Sheryl is currently running a fine jewelry business. Her jewelry line is called Sheryl Lowe Jewelry. She is one of Hollywood’s favorite contemporary jewelry designers. Many Hollywood Divas have adorned her jewelry at various occasions including Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, and Maria Shriver. Sheryl has been raised by a single mother and grandmother, and hence, she has empathy towards women. She is involved in charitable works and thus donates a part of her earnings to The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. Her jewelry reflects the strength and pushes required for a woman’s growth.