Hallee Adelman is a writer, executive producer, filmmaker, and children's book author. She completed her education at Drexel University, where she did her PhD in educational leadership and learning. She had also pursued BA in psychology from the University of Miami and educational technology from Arcadia University. Adelman has a Ph.D. in education, has taught kids from elementary school through university, and has been nominated for Disney Teacher of the Year numerous times. Three picture books by Adelman were published by Albert Whitman & Company. Halle is known for the films she has produced. She is the Co-director and producer of the film Our American Family.

Frybread face and me, Late Bloomers, and Aisha are some of the famous films produced by her. As kids, the social dilemma, the truffle hunter, and writing with fire are the films in which she was the executive producer. Halle is a documentary filmmaker at the World of HA production. She is the Co-founder of WOHAPRO, which provides creative and financial support for documentary and narrative films and theatre projects. Halle is also a successful author. She is the author of the Great Big Emotions Series, which involves Way Past Angry, Way Past Concerned, and Way Past Jealous, and for children, she wrote My Quiet Ship and The Strongest Thing, Adelman's most significant interest is encouraging children, families, and creators as they share their stories, promote change, and spread laughter.