Matteo Garrone is an English film director who works predominately in Italian film industry. Born to Nico Garrone on 15th October 1968 in Rome, Lazio, Italy Matteo is known for the silhouette, Gomorrah, reality, etc. Son of theatre critic and writer Nico Garrone and actress Donatella Rimoldi Matteo’s debut film was silhouette which is a short film both directed and produced by Matteo himself. Silhouette was an award-winning short drama film that released in 1996. In the same year, he produced his first feature film too titled terra di mezzo. The movie won two awards again and was based on the immigration in Italy in the 1990’s. Both the pictures added to and showed the skills of Matteo as a producer and director giving him a great start in his career. N 1997 Matteo directed two short pictures titled Bienvenido Espirito Santo and UN caso di Forza Maggiore.

In 1998 again Matteo directed a short film Oreste pipolo, fotografo di matrimony which was his last mini picture. His second feature film also hit the cinemas in 1998 named ospiti (guests). Produced by him it is a comedy picture that had been first shown in the cinemas on 12th of September. As the 20’s started, he began working only on feature films and had regular releases. Roman summer came up in 2000 which revolves around an ex-actress who goes to meet his friends in Rome. Several other pictures that he has produced include dogman, reality, thugs with no legend, a tale of tales, blue kids, and mid-august brunch. The directed ones include the above in addition to before design: classic, delightful, the embalmer, first love, Gomorrah and welcome Holy Spirit. Besides directing and producing films, Matteo has also worked in the industry as a writer, in the camera department, as a cinematographer, production designer, costume designer, in the art department and as an actor as well.

He has acted only in one picture till date that is the caiman which hit the cinemas in 2006. It is about a man struggling with his marriage, children, debts and the caiman scripture. The movies he has worked in such ways include first love, suffocating heat, IL vigile urbano and most of the above-mentioned movies. Among these IL vigile urbano is a TV series of 1989. Matteo has won 33 awards for his works and has also been a part of 45 other nominations. The awards he has received include best feature film award at angers European first film festival, Busto arsizio film festival, twice at Cannes film festival, cinema Jove- Valencia international film festival, David di Donatello awards, at FICE and golden globes, Italy. He has also received prizes for best director and best screenplay.

Cedric Nicolas Troyan English Actor

Cedric Nicolas Troyan

Cedric Nicolas Troyan was born as Cedric Gabriel Fern and Nicolas is a French film director and visual effects artist. The artist was born on March 9th, 1969. He was chosen for the Academy Prize for Best Pictorial Effects for the 2012 movie Snow White and the Huntsman. He guided The Huntsman: Winter's Combat, which was his managerial entrance, was publicized on April 22, 2016. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is an advertisement and feature film administrator. He toured back into administering visual impressions on Snow White and the Huntsman and received an Oscar recommendation for his work. Nicolas-Troyan began his occupation as a visual effects entertainer in his home nation of France, where he was a compositor on numerous feature flicks. He came to the US to work for Technique on the 2002 movie One Hour Photography has a special effects illustrator and became a visual administrator for the 2008 picture Solstice. In 2007, Nicolas-Troyan obtained a VES recommendation for exceptional impressions in and vert. He shares Oscar nominee with co-visual animation manager Philip Brennan and distinctive effects controllers Neil Corbould and Michael. Led by Rupert Sanders, and publicized by Universal Movies, Snow White and the Huntsman also obtained an Oscar proposal for best accomplishment in costume design. He always assumes visual creations to have huge spacecraft and entities in the sky, and there’s value to that. He’s a graphic effect individual. What he suggested was somewhat a little dissimilar, maybe a bit ladylike, a bit juvenile. He had mushrooms, animals. Something fastened in realism, something a little lyrical. Rupert and Cedric love brawling, war, blasts, but they always have this responsiveness to make things more calculated, no matter what it is. Both the effects artisans regularly strive to get into that domain. When Cedric looked at all the effort [at the bake-off], two cinemas stood out, us and The Life of Pi, for having another type of strategy in a way. He thinks that’s what got them selected. Will he do this –oversee visual effects –once more for another picture? He didn’t plan to do another flick as an effects controller, so this was a little bit of a drift song to condone this career, a good finish. He has a couple of characteristic scheme she’s directing: Year 12, and Plan Bethlehem for Universal— that, they don’t know where it is currently. So, he thinks that he would like to follow that. But, you can never say never it’s very uncertain of what’s going to happen.