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Engin Ozturk English Actor

Engin Ozturk was born in Eskisehir in Turkey on 28 September 1986. He is a Turkish actor and an entertainer. His family is Turkish immigrants. His fatherly family is of Turkish dive who moved from Bulgaria. His maternal family is of Turkish dive who moved from Thessaloniki, Greece. As his father was a pilot at the Turkish armed force, he spent his adolescence at Eskisehir. He picked his father’s calling and entered the Izmir Air Astsubay Proficient Auxiliary school. He graduated in 2005. However, he quit any affection of being an official. He left TSK (Turkish Military) in 2006 as a result of his oppositeness to military help and came to Ankara and completed his tutoring in Hacettepe school State Center the division of theatre, in 2012.

He was a bartender in a bar of entertainer Erdal Besikcioglu. Furthermore, he turned out to be very famous with his job as Selim in mainstream Turkish dramatization. What is Fatmagul's fault? (Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne??). Currently, he is a well-known actor in Turkish shows age 36 years, and his net worth is USD 10 million. His hobbies are voyaging, photography and swimming. In February 2020, he showed his talent in the film Biz Boyleyiz which was streamed on Netflix, and this proved his great success on the OTT platform. His favorite series on Netflix were Rick and Morty, and his latest series is 50m2 on Netflix.

He grew up watching Hollywood. From there, he dreamed about people watch his series. He has a great obsession with totem, which is a spirit being or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, family, or clan. Engin Ozturk has a fascinating personality, and he also fascinates viewers with his successful acting skills. He is going to be the most famous shining star of Turkish and the gulf countries.