Samaresh Basu Bengali Actor

Bengali Literature will be incomplete without talking about this legend, Samaresh Basu. A writer whose works scream excellence got the Sahitya Akademy Award for Shamba in 1980 and the 1983 Filmfare Awards for best story for the movie Namkeen. He has brought an enormous amount of popularity to the genre of Bengali literature. While introspecting about his childhood days, he remembered how the folklores sung by the household women had an immense effect on him while learning the importance of folk culture in Bengal. He performed several jobs before writing the stellar piece of art, Uttaranga. Later on, he wrote novels such as Nayanpurer Mati and gained much well-deserved popularity.

He is the creator of favorite child detective Gogol. A lot of his literary creations have been treated as full-fledged movies directed by eminent directors. Some of them are Gulzar’s 1977 directorial venture “Kitaab,” which is based on Basu’s story “Pathik” revolving around a boy who is academically a misfit and what happens in his life when he elopes and spends the night in a station. For Namkeen, he won the Filmfare Award for the best story and is inspired by his “Akal Basant” dealing with societal issues. Shaukeen, made by Basu Chatterjee Basu Chatterjee is an Indian screenplay writer and >> Read More... Basu Chatterjee , is also inspired by the Bengali author’s creations. Genesis, directed by Mrinal Sen Mrinal Sen was a renowned and highly skilled India >> Read More... Mrinal Sen , was also adapted from his works which made way to the Cannes Film festival and were screened there. Goutam Ghose Gautam Ghose is a special man. He has won numerous >> Read More... Goutam Ghose made a movie, “Paar,” based on his novel.