Parthasarathi Deb Bengali Actor

Parthasarathi Deb is an Indian cinema actor who has also worked as a musician, director, and storyteller. Parthasarathi Deb has primarily worked in Bengali, but has also worked in Hindi and other languages. The senior actor, who has appeared in a number of films, television shows, and theater productions, was born in India on January 1, 1970. He made his debut in the Indian cinema industry with Choto Gokulpurer Jatri in 1981, and went on to star in films such as Sudhu Tumi, Prem Amar, and Romeo, to mention a few.

Choto Memsaheb, a Bengali film directed by Anindya Sarkar Anindya Sarkar is a famous Indian actor and direct >> Read More... Anindya Sarkar , was one of his 2017 releases. He is most recognised for his roles in Satyajiter Goppo Story coming soon... >> Read More... Satyajiter Goppo (1998), Shakti (2004), and Biporjoy (2017), as well as Mon Kharaper Osudh(2021), Kalpataroo(2018), and Ami Toke Valobashi(2018). Partha has appeared in a number of popular daily soaps on television. He has also done a variety of characters in Bengali films, including the comedy-drama ' Chuni Panna Chuni Panna is horror-comedy Bengali television se >> Read More... Chuni Panna ,' in which he played the role of a strict man who always follows the rules, and the family drama ' Joyee Joyee is a Bengali television show which was admir >> Read More... Joyee ,' in which he played the role of a doting father. As an artist, he has never failed to impress his audience.