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Joyee Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla
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Joyee is a Bengali television show which was admired by all. It was premiered on Zee Bangla on 9 October 2017. This show was produced by Tent Cinema. Debadrita Basu Debadrita Basu is an Indian Bengali actress who ma >> Read More... and Dibjyoti Dutta are the leading characters of this show. The supporting characters are Sanchari Mondal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Mimi Dutta Born on 13th September 1993, Mimi Dutta is an Indi >> Read More... , Tanuka Chatterjee Tanuka Chatterjee is an Indian-origin actor who pr >> Read More... , and Dwaipayan Das Dwaipayan Das is an actor from India who is well-k >> Read More... . This show replaced Zee Bangla's most liked show, Raadha. Arun Bandyopadhyay was the main actor in this show. The Show winded up on 1 September 2019, and replaced by another show titled Alo Chhaya Alo Chhaya was based on the contrasting and confli >> Read More... . From the starting of the show, Joyee scored well on the TRP charts. The story was based on girl who is a cheerful and pure. She is a child who is a parentless. She stays with her mother’s brother (her uncle and aunt) and loves football. Her passion is to become a footballer. She sometimes behaves like a boy to break the barriers of society. But due to family pressure and demand, she got married.

After marriage, she began her different life. She is new to the house because she is unknown about the things where they are and where to keep. Her in-laws are orthodox and feel that a woman's only job is to look after her husband and do the entire household work. Her husband, Ribhu, is an intellectual, almost a bored kind of person who does not know about his wife’s passion for football. The family has a feeling of hatred towards sports. Another adversary is Sukumar, who had a feeling for Irabati (Ribhu's sister-in-law) and always tries to ruin Joyee. Joyee uses her football skills of shunning and manipulates herself to survive as a wife and a family member. She remains stubborn to be a successful footballer. A sad story includes Agni (Ribhu'sSejdabhai). He was abducted by Sagar Dutta, a football coach who used to take money from innocent footballers. Agni wanted to sue Sagar Dutta red-handed.

On the other hand, Joyee aims to find her Sejdabhai and to punish Sagar Dutta. After six months, Joyee returns as Jessica, who is a look-alike of Joyee, and Joyee is back to take revenge on Sukumar. However, she was accomplished in appraising revenge. Dibyojyoti Dutta plays the role of Ribhu. He is the leading character of the show. DebadritaBasu plays the role of Joyee. She is the leading character of the show. Joyee is a poor girl from a small village, loves football. She also plays the role of Jessica Fernandes, Malati, and Patralekha Vijayan. Arun Bandyopadhyay plays the role of Bibi and Bisewar Banerjee. Misty Das plays the role of Joyee's Sister. Ankur Roy plays the role of Ranjan. Alivia Sarkar Alivia Sen is a Bengali TV actress and model. She >> Read More... plays the role of Malini Sen. Alokananda Guha Alokananda Guha, is an emerging Bengali actress, w >> Read More... plays the role of Soumi. Soham Chakraborty Soham Chakraborty is a very well-known personality >> Read More... plays the role of Chinku. He is the son of Ribhu and Joyee. His passion is to become a footballer like his mother.


Sayak Chakraborty Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 27 September 1994
Sayak Chakraborty
Joy Sengupta Bengali TV-Actor
DOB: 14 December 1974
Joy Sengupta
Anjana Bhowmick Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 30 December 1944
Anjana Bhowmick
Debolina Dutta Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 20 April 1977
Debolina Dutta
Hiran Chatterjee Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 19 December 1985
Hiran Chatterjee