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Other names of Goutam Dey: Gautam Dey
Bengali Actor Goutam Dey
  • Gender : Male
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Goutam Dey was a veteran actor in the Bengal theatre, film, and television industry. Actor Goutam Dey first came into the limelight by playing the role of Naranarayan in the serial ‘Janambhoomi’ directed by Subhdeep Bandhyopadhyay Inder Sen. Regardless of being a villain, he gained massive popularity on the small screen. But because of his gentleness and attractiveness, Goutam Dey became well-liked in a variety of roles even though he started out playing villains. Sometimes a beloved grandfather, sometimes a devoted husband, sometimes a doting father- have played all the roles. At that time, he was a famous actor in the theatre district. Initially, Goutam Dey worked in the State Bank.

He went on to do dramas and then did several films on the small screen. Goutam has worked in Raja Sen’s Damu and Amal Roy Ghatak’s Debar. He also acted in minor roles in the movie of many famous directors. He has worked with other veteran actors as well as the latest-generation actos. Goutam had his first success in professional stage plays. His performance in the drama ‘Shrimati Bhayankar’ directed by Rabi Ghosh Rabi Ghosh, conceived on 24 November 1931, was an >> Read More... was highly appreciated. He acted in every big successful drama of that time. Among his theatre plays, the most notable are Sabas Petopanchu, Dampti, Baishakhi Jhor, etc. But his popularity increased even more when he came to television. It is said that the directors couldn’t think of a TV drama without Mr Dey.

Meenakshi Goswami’s serial Kolkata Keyei grabbed attention, but his success came with the mega serial Janambhoomi. He became a household name. Following the completion of the bank job responsibilities, he proceeded to act in serials one after another. He has acted along with veteran actors and with the new generation of actors. He was a well-known actor in various serials such as Tithir Guest, Dhatterika, Labanyer Sansar, Raja and Goja, Ishti Kutum Ishti Kutum is a Bengali family drama-comedy TV se >> Read More... , Kusum Dola Story Soon >> Read More... , Hridoharan BA Pass, and Rani Rashmoni. The actor was diagnosed with cancer in middle age. The terminal illness marred his handsome appearance, but the ever-smiling Goutam continued to act despite the disease. Goutam Dey passed away at the age of 65 after battling a terminal illness. He is survived by his wife and daughter.


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