AK Fans To Get A Surprise Update Tomorrow?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

Ajith Kumar, who was last seen playing in the heist thriller “Thunivu,” scripted and directed by “H Vinoth,” was supposed to do his next film with Vignesh Shivan. It is not sure why Vignesh Shivan opted out of the film. Some sources say that he gave a bounded script to the producer without explaining the same to the lead star. Some sources say that the director’s one-liner satisfied the hero, but the detailed script failed to attract him. Nothing is confirmed until the director or the film crew reveals these.

However, many film industry people say that Ajith will not let down a director, as it might affect their career. So, Vignesh would direct Ajith’s film in the future. Reports stated that Magizh Thirumeni would direct Ajith, and the script is by another biggie. A few reports suggest it might be Venkat Prabhu, the director of AK62. But, VP is busy filming his Tamil-Telugu bilingual, Custody with Naga Chaitanya. LYCA might announce the director of AK 62 tomorrow, as most of the film announcements of AK will be made on Thursday!