Sunday, February 26th, 2023

The human mind has always been curious about mysteries, whether it is in the written word or the visual media. And you can consider yourself proud enough, for Indian cinema is plenty of fascinating thriller movies to awe you beyond words. In particular, the Malayalam film industry has recently gained momentum in praise for its fantastic suspense thrillers. In this article, we curated a list of some of these exciting thrillers for you. So, here’s looking at the top 10 Malayalam thriller movies that’ll surely take your breath away!

1. Manichitrathazhu

One of the most acclaimed Malayalam movies of all time, Manichitrathazhu is simply unparalleled. Set in the countryside charm of Kerala, it combines psychological horror and humor in just the right proportions. It narrates the tale of a young couple who move to their ancestral residence, only to get intertwined in a series of supernatural events. Whether it’s the storyline, the direction, the musical score, or the stunning performances, no other movie can match the grandeur of this 1993 classic. Perhaps, this is why it is one of the few movies remade into four Indian languages!

2. Drishyam

In 2015, Malayalam cinema gifted the world with a gem of a thriller movie. Drishyam, like Manichitrathazhu, garners attention as a ground-breaking creation for its sensational storyline. It revolves around a simple family hit by an unexpected event that shakes their entire existence. How they deal with this trauma while managing to protect themselves from harm is the crux of the story. Realistic, fresh, and exciting, Drishyam is worth your time.

3. Drishyam 2

Anyone who witnessed the cinematic brilliance of the end twist in Drishyam saw a sequel coming. And finally, six years after the first film hit theatres, Drishyam 2 came out in 2021. The movie discusses the aftermath of the events of the first film. Equally engaging and riveting, Drishyam 2 quickly earned critical acclaim a few days since its theatrical release.

4. Memories

Jeethu Joseph is one of the most established filmmakers in the Malayalam film industry. Though most people might have heard or seen his masterpiece Drishyam, very few might have heard about another of his spine-chilling thrillers: Memories. A walk through nostalgia and the trauma it can hide, Memories explores the definition of revenge in the most brutal manner. The movie stars Prithviraj Sukumaran in the titular role as a drunkard cop investigating an unusual serial killing case.

5. Joseph

Joseph is an exceptional crime thriller that deserves your attention. The 2018 movie tells the story of a brilliant ex-cop who gets unwillingly tangled in a sensational crime. A critical and commercial success, the movie brings out the best performance of artist Joju George, who portrays the protagonist. No wonder he won the State Film Award for the Best Character Actor for this film.

6. Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police is perhaps one of the best neo-noir psychological movies made in the Malayalam film industry. It is an engaging tale of a cop who solves the mystery of his best friend’s murder while having lost all memory after an accident post the event. Left at the edge of your seat until the end, you come across an absolute surprise at the final twist. Indubitably, Mumbai Police is one of the top Malayalam thriller movies of all time.

7. Anjaam Pathiraa

Another crime thriller movie, Anjaam Pathiraa, stands out from the rest owing to its gripping story and chilling background score. The film explores the investigative journey of a criminologist trying to catch the mastermind behind a menacing serial killing spree. An ideal watch for a movie weekend with friends or family, Anjaam Pathiraa won’t disappoint you.

8. Virus

Hardly does a movie manage to stir something grave inside you. Virus is one such movie. Among the best medical thriller films ever made, this one is a must-watch for all. Revolving around the heart-breaking incident of the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, the movie is one of a kind. It chronicles the journey of people from various societal sectors, including patients, doctors, nurses, and administrators who braved the situation with all their might to bring down the virus.

9. Helen

Helen is a simple but powerful movie. It is one of those stories which impacts you even after you walk out of the theatre. When a cheery young lady gets stuck in a life-threatening situation, she must garner every last bit of courage to claim her breath. This rare story of survival will melt your heart. The nail-biting Malayalam thriller hit theatres in 2019 and was, not surprisingly, a substantial commercial success.

10. C U Soon

C U Soon is a cinematic masterpiece by the Malayalam film industry. The way they created this movie is simply remarkable. In C U Soon, we see the most minimal resources the crew could use at the time put to the most brilliant execution. Revolving around an online affair that soon becomes much more than what you would expect, C U Soon equally deserves appreciation for its story as much for its making.