Sunil Sukhada is a talented Malayalam actor. He is known for his versatility. He has brought variety to Malayalam cinema. With his colorful roles, he portrayed his artistic skills. He has conquered the industry with magnitudes of movies. He is a dedicated personality who has a passion for acting. He sincerely follows theater. Today, he has over hundreds of film to his credit. Born in Thrissur district to Sudhakara Panikkar and Saraswathiyamma, Sunil was the second child. Although he loved acting, he made into movies at a later stage.

He studied at C.M.S School and then majored in Economics from Sree Kerala Varma College. He practiced theater for fifteen long years. He has also been part of advertisements. He was inspired by the plays of Rangachetana. He was an avid follower of drama. He got an opportunity to feature in his debut film in 2010 when Martin Prakkat found him at the Spinal Cord play. The movie was named Best Actor. His golden days overwhelmed him, and he featured in main roles in movies such as Salt n’ Pepper and Chaappa Kurish. In the year 2012, he had seven films and all with a distinguished character. He played P.T. Pavithran in Thatsamayam Oru Penkutty and Sub-inspector in Idiots. He has always shone out in his endeavors as all films have worked well.

Sunil Sukhada is one such multi-talented star who has given us humor, drama, thrill and villainous fervors of characters. People love him for the honesty he depicts the role. In 2013 he was a part of movies such as August Club, Bharya Athra Pora, Kaddal Kadannu Oru Maathukutty, Olipporru, Arikil Oraal and Kanyaka Talkies. He was Varijakshan in the youth based film Nadodi Mannan. He was court judge in the comic and satirical film Punyalan Agarbattis. In the following year, Sunil gave us dozens of films such as London Bridge, Balyakalasakhi,

On the Way, 7th Day, Polytechnic, Flat No. 4B, Naku Penta Naku Taka and Vegam. Some of his notable movies are Utopiayile Rajavu, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam, Hallelooya, Ithu Thanda Police and Chirakodinja Kinavukal. He has been nominated in comic role category of Asianet Awards. He also featured in the award-winning movie Pathemari in 2015. This man has vastly contributed to this field in such a short span. He is an example of the fact that sheer determination and courage, turn your dreams into reality. Malayalam cinema is indeed blessed to have people like Sunil Sukhada.