Saniha Yadav is the heroine of the newly released movie ‘Tora Tora’ directed by Harsh Gowda. She is one of the two heroines in the movie. This actress is glamorous and can give any photo shoot as a pro-model even. Before the movie ‘Tora Tora’ was released, the actress was making a tremendous impact on marketing, increasing awareness, and visibility of her through photo gallery shots in film websites.

Nowadays, there is a constant battle for viewers to watch a glamorous actress with a different style in photo gallery section of many online movie portals. Saniha Yadav’s social engagement across such social media platforms and her understanding of the Sandalwood industry heralds a new generation of savvy stars backed by talent. But more than her talent, her passion for acting made her grab the heroine role in the movie ‘Tora Tora’.

There is not much to praise about her work in the movie, but she was watched by viewers and that is what a new heroine can dream of. The film was in the backdrop of a bunch of youngsters who want to experiment in life with Time Machine and what happens in their life is the film all about.

Saniha’s performance was praised by the director of the movie at a recently concluded press meet held. She also attended the trailer launch of the movie, got spotted by media and camera lens people.