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Anveshita is a 100 episode serial which is written by Ilyas Ahmed Ilyas has made a mark of his own as a senior broad >> Read More... and is based on a novel written by him which extensively deals with paranormal activities. It was telecasted on E TV during 1997-1999 for the first time and it was re telecasted for a second time during 2004-2006. Anveshita serial was directed by Pradyumna and produced by Ramoji Rao The head of Ramoji group, Cherukuri Ramoji Rao is >> Read More... . The story and screenplay of this serial was written by Iliyaas Jyostna and Iliyas Ahmed. Yamuna, Achyut, Bengalore Padma, Janardhana Maharshi, Maharshi Raghava Maharshi raghava whose original name is “Raghava g >> Read More... , Raagini, Shanmukha Srinivas Shanmukha Srinivas was born in Eluru, West Godavar >> Read More... etc. have acted in this serial.

Anveshita is an extraordinary story of an impressible woman called Snigdha. She affectionately hopes to lead a happy life, but fate has most traumatic experiences in store for her. She does not know anything about how she would soon be walking on the dangerous paths of the occult and how the nefarious cult of Kara kinkara is awaiting her. The rest of the story moves with very interesting twists and turns and how Snigdha’s life gets affected by this. The Anveshita serial has bagged a total of 8 Nandi awards during the year 1998-1999. Out of these Ilyas received the best screenplay and writer award in 1998 and the second best production director. award in 1999. The rest of the awards went to various other technicians and artists. The success of this serial helped the TV channel in earning enormous profits.


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