Birthday: 08-09-1984
Age: 34
Star sign: Libra
Bhargavi is a Telugu actress. She is from Vijayavada, Andhra Pradesh. Her parents’ names are Lakshmi and Sambi reddy. Acting is not her passion; she just came for time pass. She applied for anchoring on Local tv for timepass and then she got chance and she continued after that she got chance into serials and then she acted in few serials like Laya,, egire pavurama, akasha ganga, and etc. she got fame into serial. After serial she got a chance in movies. Her first movie was Athili Sathibabu as a character artist. After that she acted in many movies like Nagaram, mental Krishna, Nuvvila, and etc. She did her Fashion designing and beautician cource. And she learned car driving also. She worked with all Telugu channels. First she got chance on ETV. She likes to do all types of characters. She has farm house. If she gets free time she likes to go there. In that farm house she is cultivating all types of vegetables and mangoes. Bhargavi’s aim is that she wants to start foundation like she wants to adopt 100 members who are orphans. Her hobbies are reading books. She likes actors like Chiranjeevi and Mahesh babu and her favourite heroines are sridevi and savithri. She likes to eat pulihora and biriyani. She likes colors like Black and white. She likes to read books like Pasalapudi kathalu. She also acted in ads like Gold ad.

DOB: September 4 1984

Serials:, egire pavurama, akashaganga, laya, and etc.

Movies: Mogudu, athili sathibabu, mental Krishna, nuvvila, nagaram, and etc.

Naveena Yata Telugu Actress

Naveena Yata

Naveena is a Telugu actress. She originally belongs to Cheerala but her family is settled in Hyderabad because of her father's job. She has two sisters, and she is the youngest one. Her childhood dream was to become a doctor. When she was in 10th standard, one of her neighbors encouraged her to try her luck movies, and he sent her photos to studios and directors. After her 10th board exams, she gave auditions at many places for an acting chance, but she was rejected everywhere.Once she went for an audition, and the director told her, "Natana Rani Vallu Antha Endhuku Vastharu." And director Krishna Vamsi told her to continue her education instead of pursuing a career in acting. Disappointed, she came and joined Inter college. At that time, director Sri Ram Balaji saw her photos and offered her the chance of being the heroine of the movie and she then acted as a heroine in Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu and Avunante Kadanile movies. But after she realized that it’s very difficult to get success in movies, she continued her intermediate. When she was thinking to pursue a degree, she got a chance to act in the lead role in director Raghavendra Rao’s serial Aloukika. She got into the limelight through that serial. In Aloukika serial, in an episode, she had to act with snakes, but she had a phobia of lizard and snakes. Although she did act in that scene, she makes sure there is no such uncertainty. After Aloukika serial, she got a chance to be the host of a show in Zee Telugu. Amongst all her shows, ‘Tharalu Dhigi Vachchina vela’ was the best one. In that, she interviewed almost all 800 celebrities who belong to Telugu and Tamil film industry with the exception being Rajinikanth. She interviewed4 times, director Krishna Vamsi Garu who rejected her and he also remembered that incident every single time. After that, she also got a chance in Agni Gundam, Malliswari, Trishulam serials. She also acted in the serial Yata Satyanarayana, which was directed by a director who scolded her in the beginning but in this series he gave her compliments. After that, they both decided to marry, but her mother did not accept it, and she asked many questions. With director Raghavendra Rao’s support, they got married. Now she is the mother of a beautiful boy. After her dad’s death, her mother is staying with her. Now she is a producer for serials like Kalavari Kodallu and Pelli Nati Pramanalu on Zee Telugu. At present, she is also acting in her own production serial: Kalavari Kodallu. Now she is pursuing from Open University. DOB: NF Serials: Aloukika, Agni Gundam, Chandramukhi, Malliswari, Trishulam, Kalavari Kodallu, etc.  Shows: Tharalu dhigi vachina vela, star mahila, modern mahalakshmi, etc. Movies: Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu and Avunante Kadhanile.



Madhumani is Telugu actress. She has 20 years of experience in acting. She is from vishakapatnam, Andhra pradesh. Now, she setlled at Hyderabad. She has 20 years of acting experience. She has been working in serials and movies. Madhumani’s first serial was Ruthuragalu, Manjula Naidu’s direction and it was a big hit serial. She acted as a heroine role in ruthuragalu. She got fame into ruthuragalu serial. She got married and she has 2 children and their names are Sujith kumar and Mimisha Isha. Daily at 4’o clock, she get up in the morning and cook everything for her children and her husband and then she go to her work. At present she is busy in movies. In movies, mostly she is appearing in mother roles. She had done many serials. She got Nandhi award for Jogini movie. She is the member of TV artist’s associatioon and now under TV artists association, she is fighting against dubbing serials and she went to jail also. She likes directors like shekar kammula and she worked with him in Godavari movie. She played different types of roles like negative role in Rakhi movie. She likes her characters like Ashta chamma character. If she gets free time, she likes to go to orphanage and oldage home. She involves in her characters. She likes cooking she likes to eat pappucharu, pulihora, and nonveg. She is very helpful and friendly. If she gets free time she likes to watch TV, movies and likes to read books. DOB: NF Serials: Ruthuragalu, Andham, akasha ganga, sravani subrahmanyam, etc. Movies: Godavari, golkonda high school, mirchi, jogini, rakhi, ashta chemma, entha andhanga unnve, back bench students, etc.

Madhumani Telugu Actress