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Penmanasu Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
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Penmanasu is a drama series which airs on the Surya TV channel. It is a Malayalam language series which is broadcast every weekday from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM. The acclaimed production house Hashmi Film International is the producer of the show. The famous director T.S. Saji has created this show. He is also associated with other famous series in the Malayalam television and film industry. The story of Penmanasu revolves around a woman who chooses to become a police officer.

The show explores the various challenges and difficulties which she faces along the way. The series makes an attempt to understand the various facets of her life. This involves her family and personal life as well and how she deals with it. As the series progresses, we witness the various difficulties which come across the protagonist as she attempts to fulfill her dreams. She faces resistance from multiple quarters but never gives up.

The program highlights the resistance she faces in the police as a woman and how she deals with it. She must also address the concerns her family has and how she balances her personal and professional lives. There are also concerns raised by her friends and family as she embarks on her journey. She doesn’t always have answers for everything and many times must choose between two difficult options. But, she also matures and grows with these challenges. She may not have all the right answers, but she certainly tries her best to please everyone though it may not always be possible. Along the way she also faces difficult decisions where her duties as a police officer come into conflict with her friends and family. She, however, must choose to uphold the law which she has sworn to protect come what may. This makes her acquaintances embittered but she must deal with these challenges nonetheless.

The show has some very fine artists in the leading roles. Many of them have been a part of the Malayalam television industry for a very long time. This includes the likes of Reshmi Soman Reshmi Soman is a famous Malayalam film and televi >> Read More... , who plays the lead role in the series. Along with her, we also get to see Souparnika Subhash Souparnika Subhash's original name was Souparn >> Read More... , Meera Muralidharan Meera is familiar to the Malayalam family audience >> Read More... , Kumarakom Raghunath Kumarakom Raghunath was once known as the supersta >> Read More... , Sangeetha Mohan Sangeeta Mohan  is popular Indian Malayalam TV and >> Read More... , Shalu Menon Shalu Menon is a Malayalam actress, who is known f >> Read More... and many more. The show has received praise for the fine ensemble it possesses and the resulting refined acting we see on the screen. This coupled with a strong story have earned the show many great reviews from admirers and critics.


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