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Chota Champion is being telecast on Zee Kannada TV at 2 pm from Monday to Saturday. This serial is a game show for children and their parents. The slogan of this show is “ Chota Champion – Chikkavara Masti, Doddavara Kusti “ . This show is conducted by Srujan Lokesh Lokesh is a famous South Indian artist, and he is >> Read More... . Srujan Lokesh is the son of well-known film stars 'Lokesh' and Girija. He has done a very good job of entertaining the viewers and giving a good time to the participants.

This show is about playing games with small kids, who are aged within 3 yrs. The kids enter the show through an audition, which is held before telecast of show on TV. Only selected kids are allowed on the show. The kids come with both, mother and father onto the sets. Their relatives also can come and enjoy as audience on the show. Once Srujan comes and introduces himself and talks about the show, the first participant enters. Entry of the kid along with their parents is made interesting by making them dance. Once they come onto the stage, Srujan explains them rules of the game. He asks any one parent to take the kid into a play room. The kids love this play room, as it contains a lot of different types of toys and dolls which children of this age enjoy most. The play room is shown to audience and the viewers on a screen. Then Srujan asks a question to the parent who has stayed back with him.

The questions are such which tests the parent about their understanding of their child. For example, the parent is asked how many vegetables or fruits can the kid identify from a given bag. The parent is asked to select from a number of choices and that answer is locked. If the kid succeeds to play the game in a given time limit, according to the parent’s choice, then the family wins an amount of rupees 5000. If the child does not keep up to the choice of the parent or even exceeds that choice then no amount is won. All the kids get to participate and get a chance to win. The second round is again a game with the kids in the play room. But this time, compulsorily, the father of the kid is supposed to go with the kid into the play room in this game time is checked in which the kid can complete that game. The kid who completes the given game in the least time is the winner of this round.

The game is very interesting as the mother of the kid has to give clues to the father, who is in the play room with the kid. Then the father has to make his kid to do whatever instructions are given by the mother. The father’s patience and ability to interact with the kid can be seen here. The winner o the second round, that is, the family which finished the game in minimum time is selected for the third round. There is no prize money in the second round. Only one family will remain in the third round. Remaining kids will be given prizes and gifts in the form of momentos, chocolates and medals for the kids. Now, the winning family has to try their luck by breaking a pot. Seven cash prize amounts will be mentioned and kept hidden under these pots.

The kid’s parents will get three chances to break the pots. But if they wish to quit after breaking the first or second pot then the amount under the last pot will be given as prize money to the kid. This amount will not be given as cash but as a certificate in the name of the kid as its education fund. The show is doing some amount of social work also by creating awareness among parents that both the parents need to understand the moods of kids, they should not be forced in any way and that it is very important to sae for the education of their kids from a young age of the kids itself.



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