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Ondhe Goodina Hakkigalu Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada
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Ondhe Goodina Hakkigalu is a serial that is being telecast by Zee Kannada TV at 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. It is directed byM. N. Jayanth and produced by Laxmikanth.

This story is about an old lady, Sarojini Dalavayi ( played by the most famous film actor Jayanthi ), who has lost her family due to internal rifts and is living alone in her big house. This story is about her feelings, fears and desires. She wishes that her family comes together again and lives happily with her in her last days. She knows very well, that such a dream may not come true, but still she dreams about it happening someday. At this time a simple orphan girl, Harini, comes into her life. She feels very happy because, in a generation where the girls don’t even want a third person in their life, she is a girl who dreamed of getting married into a joint family. The lady fulfils her wishes by marrying her to her own grandson.

During this process, the story shows its twists and turns, in which some of the family members, who are interested only in money and property, create problems for the old lady and for Harini. But being a stubborn and smart girl, with the support of grandmother, she fights all odds and tries her best to bring all the family members back under one roof again. The story is woven interestingly, on how Sarojini Dalavayi plans to get Harini into the family so that her daughter-in-law could be taught a lesson, because due to her the family had divided. Sarojini Dalavayi has proposed her grandson, Arjun for Harini and they already get engaged. But Nagamani, Arjun’s mother is against this. She tries to stop the marriage which troubles Sarojini as she may fail in bringing the family together. Here somebody tells Harini that they know about her mother. Raju, Arjun’s father and Janaki come to know about it and find out. They come to know the truth that Harini is actually Sharada’s daughter, who was born before her marriage.

Sharada, the only daughter of Sarojini has a daughter, Minchu from her marriage. They are interested to marry Minchu to Arjun. Raju thinks that it is better to keep the secret of Harini’s birth to themselves and to get another boy for Harini so that she can live in peace. In this story, we can see that Indian families have undergone so many changes in their way of living and how this is affecting the old and young generation at the same time. An honest effort to bring back old methods proves to be a tedious task.




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